EXCLUSIVE: Galaxy Note 2 5.5" screen, narrower body confirmed

28 June, 2012
The Samsung Galaxy Note 2 will pack a design similar to the Galaxy S III and a narrower body.

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  • Anonymous

Samsungs Galaxy Note is the ultimate device. I have owned and used the 2011 Note for almost a year and loved every minute with the Current model. Upgraded Specs on Note2 will ensure that Samsung remains number one in the Mobile device market worldwide. I'm looking forward to upgrading to Note2.

  • vivek

I have used nokia, apple and many other but s3 seems to be a wonderful phone, very user friendly. I am going to purchase note 2 as soon it is launched .

  • Anonymous

wow, i am so in love with it, i already have the galaxy s3 and really happy with it, i use to like apple iphone but now i don't care about the iphone 5, Samsung is clearly more innovative now.

  • samm

samsung is best and iphone lacks that new touch of technology that samsung have...whose better??
and with note 2,technology is gonna take a new step for sure

  • Arijit

Hi,I love samsung, I think Gnote2 will gave Quardcore, 12mp Camera & much more, but Samsung don't copy the model of GS3 on replacing of GNOTE2 & icon background display should be black.Overall GS3 is good but not best because it's odds looks and blue icon background display do not looks impressive as Gnote in my point of view. so "ALL THE BEST SAMSUNG".

  • Ashok Rahi

Just the Right Device for Samsung to Launch 3D compatibility.
The rest features are just upgrades but if Note2 comes with 3D, it will rock.
Think about it Sammy...

  • shaista

makes phone hardware travel back to 2006 cus it looks like the O2 XDA II Mini (wid a bigger screen) another patent dispute? hah!

  • nickname

Sami will loose customerrs because of how note 2 will look like. Sorry no bad feelings

  • Brandisss

Anonymous, 06 Jul 2012Samsung please carry on! I am going to buy S3 Tomorrow and wait ... moreYeah, what he said. And a quad-core processor too please, amen.

  • Anonymous

Samsung please carry on! I am going to buy S3 Tomorrow and wait for Note2 But please let Note2 be a replica of S3 with 12mpx camera, 5.5in screen,with S-pen

I will buy it!! Galaxy note 2 will kick iphone 5


iggy27702, 30 Jun 2012HTC are you listening!!! Please.....perfect !!!!!!

  • pabloz

12 mpxls please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • nirav

Iphone 5 just for kids.
Samsung galaxy note 2 rox.
Btw frnz is the news confirmed ?
Will there be a Samsung galaxy note 2?
when will it release,and will it have a 12mp camera or again a disappointing 8mp camera ? :(

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 01 Jul 2012there is no battle between iphone 5 and note 2. their customers ... moreThis is not true, you maybe the only exception in this world!!...almost all my friends who used to have iPhone 4 or 4S, all switched to Samsung Galaxy Note already, some are using the Galaxy S3, and some friends are carrying both the Galaxy Note & the S3 at the same time. Their kids inherited their "old" iPhone 4/4S (ranging from 4-12 year old kids).

The size of the iPhone 4/4S look perfect for the children, as those phones are small, where as the Note or S3 or similar size phone look fit for grown up humans.

I was having dinner with some friend at a club just last Sunday night. One lady friend is already on her second Galaxy Note (first one damaged in water), she also carry the GS3 with her, and told me that she love the Note because of the big & comfortable screen, which her GS3 can't match. She also love the pen which come with the Note.

Sure it did look funny using such a big phone, especially holding it close to the ear for calls. Reason being that people are not used to seeing that, but seeing everybody doing the same now, I don't see any problem. And the people who's using them don't feel odd, as they just love the features of their Galaxy Note. Months ago, when my girlfriend got her first G. Note (the damaged one), she was feeling a bit odd holding the phone for calls, so she either use her GS2 for calls; or use a Bluetooth hands-free when using the Note for calls...but not anymore!

Come on, nowadays iPhones are for kids only in developed countries, and or they are mostly sort after by people in developing countries!!

i expect this to be a 16:9 display, while the original Note is 16:10, thats why Note2 is more narrow. Sgs3 is also 16:9

  • hoho

come on the camera is 8MP i was hoping to see 12MP i'm start to think of not to buy it i hope this is a rumor

  • evilbeast

what the....i bought note just yesterday and now i get to see this...disappointed..at least they should release jelly bean for note

It's amazing really...

I posted a while ago on here that I'd gone into a shop and tried out GS3 vs Note1...

Even looking at the both side by side, the Note is a monster! and obviously with the 4.8" of the GS3, not much in it re: screen size...

Hence the obvious upping to 5.5" - just to give that difference...

For me? Note 1 is just a bit too wide and a bit too blocky looking (putting it against your head is a JOKE to answer calls I bet!) the white version definitely looked better than the block - not as imposing!


Narrow it down a little, as suggested, give it a nip / tuck here and there... round it off a bit (waaaay too edgy and 'cornery') and I think it could be quite a large, elegant device...

DEFINITELY not for everyone, but it's been an unexpected success for Sammy this - that's the benefit of gambling with design and creating something unique..

If the rumours of 5 Nexus designs coming out this Christmas are true vs Note 2... I'm glad I've waited to upgrade... should be an excellent end to the year!!

  • Samsung,do it!!!

4x Quad Core (same what SGS3) prosessor with LTE must be!!!.