AT&T to offers exclusive Garnet Red Samsung Galaxy S III

12 July, 2012
Starting July 15 AT&T will exclusively be taking pre-orders of the Garnet Red Galaxy S III.

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  • anynom

i would wait for glx note 2.. I hope the news is true, launching on late august. This would slap apple again...

  • overlord

fugllllyyyy... -O-

  • John

Baby Wade, 13 Jul 2012Gunmetal Silver, Black or Grey would have been better IMO.Agree threshold bedding blacks and gun metal grays.

Thousandth wedlock fest....

I hope the note2 doesn't havens t have the same coloursor might be getting myfirstwhitephone ever..... gggggrrrrr

Looks really nice actually (except that the logo AT&T ruins it)

Gunmetal Silver, Black or Grey would have been better IMO.

  • hehe

i just got an opportunity to hold and play the s3 in one store, then i was just amazed by the way it looks. It is really more beautiful than in pictures. :D the looks of the s2 is outperformed. Even the ugly pebble blue in pictures, i would still be happy holding it. :D

  • Alex

Anonymous, 12 Jul 2012Just admit it. Looks great. No

  • Alex

Still no "Coal Black" version of the Galaxy S III.

  • Daniel

Someone has had this phone in their hands? believe me, no matter what color you put on this phone, it will sell like a water in the desert.

  • Tyke1616

it reminds me of my Nokia 3120C from way back . . . just a suggestion, how bout a carbon fiber finish body/ just to give it a Pagani Zonda R feel to it

  • zuee

then Apple will release a PRODUCT RED iPhone and say RED is the new White and then everyone will say its beautiful

  • rcl4444

Jollaaa, 12 Jul 2012Yeah probably it will. Just like Justin Beiber's rotten albums s... moreYeah. Samsung and Apple both. Difference is Apple will say they invented it, but at least they'll make it look better...

How about Black

  • techie

anynom, 12 Jul 2012whoever challenge samsung, they would die.. Apple is just matter... moreIm a samsung lover, however their material is cheap, feels cheap, HTC is doing a whole lot greater job at keeping their devices made with highest standard quality when it comes to hardware, hope samsung invest a little more on their phones material

  • techie

Looks nasty!!! what an ugly color!!!

  • QS

this looks really bad dammmmmm,,,,,,, good fone though....even if i got bored of it in the first week.....any1 have anything good to do on this fone please share

  • Anonymous

the red xperia ion is marvellous, this thing is just the shittiest color i've ever seen.

  • samsung ceo red pebbles ??? we have them lol

  • Hmm

Anonymous, 12 Jul 2012Exclusive to..blah blah blah!!!!!I thought GS3 made and inspired... moreYes we do its call volcanic rock.

  • Anonymous

Nice one, would trade my white s3 for this.