Purported images of the next generation iPhone leaks

13 July, 2012
These pictures show the new longer iPhone having a longer body and a black, aluminum back.

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  • Maxim

Samfan, 13 Jul 2012Because people are phsycologically deceived that Iphone is the t... moreYou're weird with your conspiracy theory.. You are basically suggesting that most /all..?/ iPhone users don't have brains of their own and that they got tricked by Apple into buying something they didn't want. You mentioned advertising - don't them all smatphone makers advertise their products? What's wrong with describing a product as the best of the best? That's what advert is for, isn't it?

  • Gregory

iGrayham, 13 Jul 2012Im an Iphone User.. Haven't use an adroid.. Just a quick questio... moreYeah, it's called Movie Studio. It's even better then the one on the iPhone, as Movie Studio supports high resolution screens and editing in full hd. But generally anyone who spends time on a phone making trailers needs some friends ASAP! Imho..

  • Slug

iGrayham, 13 Jul 2012Im an Iphone User.. Haven't use an adroid.. Just a quick questio... more.....and let's see now. Um, yes, that's it, who cares? You're going to judge the whole validity of an OS on the presence or otherwise of one particular app? Go with whatever you're happiest with and stop trolling.

  • nathanbenjaminmartin

My iphone is better than my girlfriend. I hardly speak to her anymore as my iphone is now my life. We are going through me sleeping on the sofa and her in the bed. I dont care ill camp with a bear aslong as i have my iphone. maybe one of you could send me a human size iphone i would love this and my world would be amazing.

  • iGrayham

Im an Iphone User.. Haven't use an adroid.. Just a quick question. On your best android phone do you have an app like iMovie where I can make my own trailers or movies in minutes.

And the output has to be as fine or better that what iMovie does..

  • Gregory

Anonymous, 13 Jul 2012If the iPhone was such a bad phone then why do its users give it... moreYou do realize that a Galaxy S3 or a HTC One X has a higher satisfaction rating than a Sony Xperia Mini or HTC Wildfire right? Or that Android ICS user on a more powerfull phone will have the same satisfaction as a Gingerbread user on a smaller phone. It's like you think that a owner of Ford Fiesta will have the same satisfaction rating as a Lamborghini owner because the Fiesta owner thinks that his car also has 4 Wheels, a gearbox, steering, a engine and a stereo system. Android comes in different performance classes. I guarantee you that people with high end Android phones are generally more satisfied than the average iPhone user.

  • james stevens

i love iphones they are sooooooo great i love apple :-) i lick my phone when i wake up :-)

  • xen

ss, 13 Jul 2012apple don't know what to do. My galaxy s3 way way better then this.Yup, Apple don't know what to do - after all they haven't sold millions units of their products, they're not most valuable company on the market worldwide and they're not an extremely well-managed - so what would they know...?
About your sg3 being "better than this" - better than what..? Are you refering to iPhone 5 which specs, design, even OS are unknown at the moment /ok, we know it's gonna be iOS 6 most likely/? Or maybe you really didn't know what to say, but you had to say SOMETHING? Answer the questions, find the truth, live in peace.

Samfan, 13 Jul 2012Iphone is designed for old people who doesn't like complexity. T... moreIOS is amazingly stable and intuitively smooth. Heck Jelly Bean says it is finally several times smoother than the previous versions. Quality app selection and preference is given to the IOS market. So please keep a check on that biased opinion. I like androids customization feature but IOS is more stable and lag free. Not to mention does not have a fragmented app market where developers may or may not make an app optimized for the particular phones gpu.

  • Blankman

Here we go. The buildup begins.

Since getting an SGS2, I've been hoping that Apple introduce a bigger screen, as you simply cannot go back to 3.5" after owning it.

And those who are slagging Apple off for design, should remember how much of a iphone clone the SGS was.

The SGSIII didn't offer much over the SGS2, and I doubt this will either.

Anonymous, 13 Jul 2012If the iPhone was such a bad phone then why do its users give it... moreBecause people are phsycologically deceived that Iphone is the top phone and there is no phone better than that thanks to its advertisement and cost. Therefore, when someone finds some disappointment in Iphone he doesn't want to think about any other phones as he is already believed that he got the top and best phone. But when an android owner finds something in his phone which he doesn't like, he starts thinking the Iphone wouldn't have this problem even if he never seen the iphone. If you didn't understand the meaning of my comment you will never get the reply to your quieston.

  • ...

real or fake, apple fans will still love it.

They have so called "patent" for this design.
So it's nothing new.

  • Cutterwood

This is bigger??? LOL

  • Anonymous

I wish they wouldn't have to change the dock connector. Everything was so convenient with the old one and now they have to mess everything up in one go.

  • ss

apple don't know what to do. My galaxy s3 way way better then this.

  • DD

The wallpaper will be the most innovative thing in the new iPhone ....

  • Chuzzy

Nothing new. Same old. Probably a few new features...

  • mexx

Anonymous, 13 Jul 2012I never said that and never will say that... I don't own one eit... moreWell said dude!

  • Anonymous

iPhone4 was a big hit, no doubt. But I doubt history will repeat. I'm going to sell my Apple stocks - take my profit and run.