Apple iPhone 5 goes official with an A6 chipset and 4-inch screen

12 September, 2012
Apple has just announced the iPhone 5 - bigger high-res screen, new chipset and LTE connectivity.

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  • Anonymous

Chooky, 14 Sep 2012People moan about how good Android is over the store i r... moreof course bro ios is a much simpler OS compared to android and all the iphones apps/games etc are designed specifically for the iphone period.. personally though id rather a somewhat inconsistent OS (although ive yet to experience this) that stays on the forefront of technology than an OS made 6 years ago

  • iSJ5

blendtec, 14 Sep 2012I have a question... Will this phone blend?yes and wait!

Anonymous, 13 Sep 2012i dont own an iphone but i think that apple has a lot of better ... moregames and apps take time to come to play store coz they have to check their apps for a lot more devices and in apple they check it on one device and its fine.This is the only reason why apps come a bit late on android!!!

  • blendtec

I have a question...

Will this phone blend?

  • HW

Why people always think For Old, go with Android Huawei D and P series.

Best yet.

  • thePhone

The Nokia Lumia 920 and 820 are the real winners here.

  • Eleganza

I'll admit that apple has more apps, and is more usefull worldwide, but with the speed and popularity the android is acquiring, soon iphone and it's closed only silver and i naming devices are gonna be like windows compared to apple, and android the new apple.

Even if you are a apple user, please, admit, iphone 5 is a HUGE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! dissapointment and if iphone 5 was a gladiator in a arena vs current quadcore phones like the htc one x or samsung gs3, my friend iphone 5 will be killed just after it enters the arena!.

Long live microsoft and google!.

  • Chooky

People moan about how good Android is over the store i run here are the repair figures:
Jan 12 - Aug 12..83 Android returns..36 Apple returns, nearly all Apple are broken screens not software related.
Thats just my store alone and my store is small...Go Android?

  • Anonymous

Lumia 920 has:
better camera specs (Optical image stabilization, F/2.0)
better screen with PureMotion HD+
better battery life
wireless charging
better audio recording - Rich Audio recording

  • Anonymous

Apple is turning into Samsung. No more innovation.

  • Anonymous

ios 6 is out and Android is dead. So it is Iphone vs Lumia from now on.

bye bye Google

  • Monz Reyes

I'm an iPhone user. But honestly I'm quite disappointed with the aesthetics. The speakers remind me of the Nokia N series, and the thinness, really, why would you need a paper thin phone. Their creativity died together with Steve Jobs.

Not much to say here. Just another two words
Nokia lumia

  • Anonymous

All this was known, because Apple wants is to keep all users as slaves, giving them bread crumbs, to continue taking away your money. Within 6 months will get the iphone 5s with two or three little things new, after will follow the iPhone 6, but maybe something new that will be incompatible with previous iphone to sell power adapters so. want to get your freedom?. Switch to an open OS like Android

  • Carol

gazmatic, 13 Sep 2012not the thinnest phone... there is a 1080p fullHD(apple fake HD)... more=)))). You people are so started to bash iphone you don't know what you read. First of all, I Was Ironic. Nokia beeing proud of it's innovations and apple being proud of... Nothing new. Second of all, i'm preaty shure that i wrote: thinnest iphone ever. Read my comment one more time;). It is magic, that was realy what i've wrote:))). Jeez!!!

  • carol

Chasa, 13 Sep 2012Thinnest smartphone?Are you sure?How about HUAWEI ASCEND that is... moreThat is what i've said. You people don't read? Thinnest iphone - not smartphone! And i was also very ironic.

  • Anonymous

tekp, 13 Sep 2012o yeah? iphone6 could be 7" not everyone wants a 5.3 inch screen, but i must say, the 4.8 is awesome

  • vik

if apple did play it smart and didnt sue anyone,they could have use other phone brand specs and parts from other phone os,no one would have said anything,but they went ahead and sue this 1 and that one and the other phone company was just waitin to see if apple uses any of their spec and os features so they can sue them back,so that y apple to me didnt take that chance to use any spec,but they did use some features from android for i0s 6.

  • Namo

I pity on American consumers. They done have an amazing iPhone5, also they cant buy Samsung Galaxy S-III since it is banned in the USA. Now they have to visit elsewhere countries to buy the sexy phone Samsung Galaxy S-III.

  • tekp

Anonymous, 13 Sep 2012wow, truly you never put your hands on 4.5" plus phone. I ... moreo yeah? iphone6 could be 7"