Apple iPhone 5 sales prediction for the weekend set at 8 million

21 September, 2012
The total iPhone sales for the holiday quarter are expected to reach 49 million.

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  • Anonymous

roufkakkidi, 23 Sep 2012I think i phone is the no.1 tele company in the world.. I hope t... moreYou are poor

Comparin IP5 vs GS3, i think IP5 is way better dan d GS3 in terms of quality. But, when u talk abt features, GS3 is better in dat aspect. 2 me, quality matters d most dan quantity. Let's take 4 instance, d display, IP5 is far better in dat aspect n ios is the best os on mobile right now, wp8 is not yet out. D 2nd is d design which is of a most-important, IP5 hv d best design both in-n-out so far even SAM who stole their rounded-curved edges could not bring out designs people will like rather creating ugly designs which i really hate. I think Nok will cum up now dat dey hv windows on their fones. REMEMBER, Nok have d best designs on mobile. D 3rd, is d build quality, it has being tested dat d IP5 is far stronger dan d GS3, how can u buy a fone dat is not strong enough @ an expensive price, plastics copys LOL. Lastly, droid lags alot, my bro has a GS3 which E bought last 2 weeks. Mehn, i must tell u is d worst fone e has ever used with best features. Bad camera, S-voice, what? I really wish it wasn't there, lagging when more dan 4 apps is opened, battery draining, lot lot's issues. Don't b deceived on what people say, GS3 is d worst in d market. I think samsung produce the worst fone in d market bcos i hv htc one x n i have no problem except d signal issue though which hv being solved. Iphone is smooth but d restriction is wat i hate, dat's y is not popular in our country. I really love U.S.A, they focus on quality dan cheap products. WP8 is coming, let's c wat it got.

Anonymous, 23 Sep 2012Means a lot coming from a lagphone :) Apparently calling names a... moreYou 'pretending' Apple OS and Windows Phone lags as well helps the argument? if there was one in the first place.

You so have to be an HTC One X owner right?
Perhaps gutted the new Android Flagship LG optimis G
is seen still lagging?

One of the two i bet

  • roufkakkidi

I think i phone is the no.1 tele company in the world.. I hope they will reduce the price for the poor customers as well........

  • Anonymous

Windows Phone Fan, 23 Sep 2012Lag-droid is name calling.yes LOL Means a lot coming from a lagphone :) Apparently calling names and pretending that only Android lags is the only two things you know how to say on this entire site.


it's fabulous sale of the iphone weekend....
i also want to buy it but it is to be launched in india...
so... i have to be patient till it arrive in india on 9th november 2012....
you should also buy one and make yourself smart with this glamouring smartphone...............

Anonymous, 23 Sep 2012I see you still have nothing else to say. Every time we are in a... moreLag-droid is name calling.yes LOL

  • Anonymous

yep, 8 million users with chipped paint iphones that want to go to New York (which probably according to the new iphone maps is in Alaska) comment, enjoy your phone

  • rcl4444

iSJ5, 22 Sep 2012good marketting gimmick apple! thats why im very loyal with you!... moreSo what your saying is you don't care what Apple do, you know they use gimmicks, you know that what they're bringing out is not a big improvement, and that they will likely do the same again. They charge more profit from you per product sold then any other company - and you carry on thats why your loyal and will always be - regardless?!?!

Sorry, your either paid be Apple, purposefully trolling riculous (and uninformed) statements to get reactions, or your a terribly misguided and narrow minded person going through life with blinders on. I sincerely hope it's one of the first two.

What's even scarier that there are people who say they agree with some of your comments...

  • Anonymous

Windows Phone Fan, 23 Sep 2012ok cool. I see you still have nothing else to say. Every time we are in a forum and you make up crap and name call and troll troll troll and I call you out...all of a sudden you have nothing left to me or half the time anything at all...Just like below.

Anonymous, 23 Sep 2012wow.... You said all you were doing was telling the truth. So I ... moreok cool.

  • Anonymous

iSJ5, 23 Sep 2012what? ? ?wow.... You said all you were doing was telling the truth. So I looked at your comments full of lying and scapegoating...Scapegoat is the person or thing that the blame is put on.... So i asked how was you scapegoating telling the truth?

  • iSJ5

Anonymous, 23 Sep 2012How is scapegoating truth? what? ? ?

  • Anonymous

iSJ5, 23 Sep 2012im just saying a truth! Wake Up and Dont fool yourself!How is scapegoating truth?

  • Anonymous

Windows Phone Fan, 23 Sep 2012What was the question again?Wow.......once an ignorant troll always an arrogant troll.

Anonymous, 23 Sep 2012Nothing to say back to that one?What was the question again?

  • iSJ5

boycottsamsung , 23 Sep 2012It's samsung and their fan boys who bully other people not the o... morei agree with you! specially your nickname! "Boycottsamsung" LoL!

  • iSJ5

Anonymous, 22 Sep 2012You are making a fool of yourself and you done it many times. im just saying a truth!

Wake Up and Dont fool yourself!

  • benj

good thing its prediction,if u want to know the exact number of iphone being sold,ask call center agent they will tell you that iphone is only selling good in US coz it american product,dont believe the hype!!!! just saying

  • Anonymous

Windows Phone Fan, 23 Sep 2012Yes I've been told to stop posting lies about Android by q8qQ. ... moreNothing to say back to that one?