Huawei Y300 unveiled, is a dual-core JB droid for $250

12 October, 2012
The device is said to come out by the end of December in Brazil sporting Jelly Bean and an attractive price.

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  • aca

ph101 then stop trolling here and go to japan and buy electronic leave alone people who want a little more for less money. i have huawei 8500 for 2 years i drop it for 1000 times and it still works unlike some samsungs etc

  • ph101

i dont buy electronic products made in china. they r inferior from made in japan or sokor. i only use samsung and lg phones, panasonic tv, toshiba lapto etc... i always go for quality. and realibility of a product...

one time, i bought a known u.s. brand electronic product made in china. after a few weeks, it shown it defects, home menu button wont work, wont switch on, wont recharge...

salam , m using this device , bought it 2days before , great device in all manner but the battery timing is not good , i must say the battery timing is WORST !

  • Anonymous

Brasil is so close to Colombia, but at the same time soooo far. I hope Movistar or Claro brings the phone to my country and the rest of latinamerica.

  • Tony Wills

We in Nigeria see this fones on the web, I wish Huawei will bring this particular fone to nigeria and seel it at a reasonable price.

Anonymous, 13 Oct 2012This will have a backdoor for PRC government?I don't understand the reaction. Western governments have used business people for intelligence for years and you would really have to be naive to think that there were never backhanders from that (and I say that as a Westener).

I am supposed to be scared of Huawei but Google and Facebook give away my personal details every day. In fact Google gave my personal details to Facebook in the first place.
When Facebook starts to comply with the laws of my country then I will start to think about these other supposed threats.

  • Checker

Anonymous, 14 Oct 2012japan products did not come well built at the start. So are kore... moreFYI, Huawei is a chinese brand. Neither Japanese nor Korean product

Huawei: is not that bad thir qualty is avrage (its stronger then a bb curve 8520 )
desingn is simler to the nexus or lg black (witch i do like)

  • Anonymous

bloated -doomed2lag, 14 Oct 2012True Their home grown sh4t are just clones and reversed engin... morejapan products did not come well built at the start. So are korean brands like samsung and LG were known for poor quality at the beginning.

...., 14 Oct 2012Dont buy their junk.... China will be earning real money for sel... moreTrue

Their home grown sh4t are just clones and reversed engineered versions of the major brands.

Chinese batteries are always less than given cap figure for a start.And the glass used are poorlly
cloned Downcorning versions.

  • Jake

China U$$ 250 1GB RAM

- Jiayu G3
- HUAWEI ShanYao MTK6577
- B92M MTK6577
- Newman N1
- ZTE V970
- W5500 ONE X
- Amoi N820
- UMI X1

  • Nex

Hey, is it just the picture or somehow this phone resembles Xperia arched design? Chinese manufacturers are well known for copying popular products. Maybe some of us would never know that fact because they don't market clones to countries that have strict patent system like US or EU. They just flood patent-loose countries with low-priced clones (esspecially asian developing countries, because so many potential buyers and far less patents). I don't hate the chinese manufacturers, I just hope they can come up with their own ideas, at least their own designs. Which some of them have already done.

  • ....

Dont buy their junk.... China will be earning real money for selling substandard junk products...

  • kimi

looks good.
I hope it can fall to $200-$250 price range soon.
waiting for review. :)

I like it

  • Android requirements

For 4.x
256 MB RAM and also decent GPU for 2D Hardware accelerated drawing.

  • Henrique M.

Yeah U$250, but I bet that it will end up costing more than a R$1000 for us Brazilians.

  • popte

very pathetic device, besides copying iphone5 design, it is way worse. iphone5 will keep being the best hardware for many years.

  • Huawei fan

Huawei: "not available in US...ONLY, HA!"

It will sell like hot cakes in China and Europe

yk, 13 Oct 2012Mid end phone.. I prefer high end even though cost much, or stra... moreyeaah! In my country too, BBM is the most popoular Chat client.