Hurricanes be damned, the LG Nexus 4 goes official

29 October, 2012
The Optimus G-based Nexus packs a powerful chipset and the latest Android 4.2 (still called Jelly Bean).

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  • BadLoser


No SD card
No removable battery
Max 16 GB internal storage
No Key Lime Pie
Made by LG

Epic fail.

  • anti-dumb

Only $299 daaaymn


Just put otg ability. The phone is just perfect!

  • AJW

$349 in the US. I'm sold despite all its shortcomings (no sd card slot, non-replacable battery).

  • Toysoldier

What ?
No LTE !!!!

Hello Lumia 920, bye bye google.

  • Anonymoose

"I don't understand 8Gb"

-8Gb smartphones are STARTER phones for ANY USER. They are not for the geek, or wannabe-techie. These are the phones intended to sell to your mother or brother-in-law who've used dumb flip phones for the last 10 years.

  • Soyam

Those people who were looking to buy an iphone 5 16gb can go for this phone and save a lot of money and they can also get few more features like a bigger screen,nfc and a quad-core processor

  • Anonymous

Honestly,Boldest design ever in any nexus phone,every company must innovate from this,twice as powerful

  • apple-sux

a very risky strategy! a highend phone and no cardslot - what will customers say? and further what will apple do? they got a patent on highend phones without any cardslot.

  • dhruv

will it have the same camera quality as the optimus G ? i doubt...

  • Alif Sang Fakir

Great price!

  • Phonenab

To be honest I do not understand the release of an 8gb model. Since it is also released with 16gb I guess it will fare well, maybe I will even buy it if it has a good price tag (meaning 450euro top). A microsd card or 32gb version would have made this a definite buy for me.

  • Anonymous

yep awesome storage too!

  • Nexus fan

They are launching this beast for only 350$.That's Awesome.

  • aqua24

16gb and no micro sd card slot! they shoul go back to samsung!

  • 2maximize

Is 8gb/16gb enough? A micro sd card slot would have been good.... Guess I'll wait a little longer for a new phone.

  • CMJ

Pretty good

  • shail

no sd card option --- google coming down on this flagship device

  • Makk

It was not a good idea to give the production to LG. They have the Optimus G coming and so they don't want that the Nexus will be better. And the storage sucks..
But all in all it's a very good phone.

  • Saravanan

Launch it in India, I will buy it right away once launched!!

  • sajjad

Nexus 4 8GB price is $299. Big blow to all other manufacturers.