Samsung to show an 8-core big.LITTLE chipset next year

20 November, 2012
The CPU will use four fast Cortex-A15 and four power-efficient Cortex-A7 cores.

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wow samsung also needs to manufacture nuclear powered battery..keep it up

next big thing ;-)

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Xaver, 20 Nov 2012First thing I thought when I saw title was "omg, gimikick, ... moreBig.Little architecture is developed by ARM Holdings itself. A guideline to design processor based on the architecture is released to manufacturers. Therefore, it does not add to the R&D cost much. Needless to say, each manufacturer has to conduct intensive tests to ensure that the unique design they plan for is effective and perform better.

[deleted post]congratulation for your great success !

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I would swap all of that just for a battery that will last a week between charges. I am in awe and admire the level of progress made in mobile processing power, but in my opinion the industry should start to concentrate on battery life.

Good work Samsung
With their best Camera sensors.
And new ram technology and internal storage up to 128GB
Now best CPU.

  • samnoymous

Now I'm not sure if i should wait for the S4 or go for the Note 2 ? The only problem for waiting for the S4 is that I've been so excited to finally get my first android and I can't wait till June next year. What should i do? :(

yeah sounds great just a shame that there's absolutely no need for more processing power.

First thing I thought when I saw title was "omg, gimikick, number of cores increased.....", but once i read this i see that this isnt even that bad, deffinatly sounds interesting, only thing that bothers me is price right now^^ (not that samsung is expensive, but how expensive would whole procedure of 2 different architectures in one chip be)

sam is boss

  • The game

power consumption is going to be amazing.

  • Zabuza

I think this is the limit power of phones .

Samsung can't make more than 7cores in future because 7cores is also the limit for PC ..

Wow but Samsung really needs a good Chipset as Snapdragon has now become best but the thing is snapdragon processor phones lack SD Card or Removable batt so for devlopment of android chipsets like exynos and Omap are needed and with this much of processing power it would ROCK!!

Sounds like a monster.