iSuppli: Samsung tops Nokia as the cellphone top dog in 2012

19 December, 2012
Meanwhile, Android is stronger than ever in China, with two-thirds of all smartphones there running the OS.

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I just aware by reading this news that Nokia still make phones! It's been a long time since I saw the latest high end Nokia phones. Now I just see people use it as work phone such as CDMA and just to make calls and SMS.


In my country, price of 8 Galaxy Ys equal to 1 iPhone 5. Though it still counts as 8 items have been shipped/sold compared to 1 unit only!

The rise of samsung and fall of nokia, part of life cycle

It's just logic. Do the math, it's the same by comparing Japanese cars with European cars, sales & productions, massive and certain types.

  • Ludovic from Franc

Bam !