Google and Motorola said to be working on X Phone, to hit in 2013

22 December, 2012
The phone will reportedly be an effort to snatch more market share from Apple’s iPhone.

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I use Motorola Droid Razr Maxx HD and Motorola Razr i, both have awesome battery very long lasting battery. Around 1 year, no one can compete Motorola Droid Razr Maxx in very long lasting battery. Samsung and HTC already try to betray Google (OS Android) with produce Windows Phone smartphone. Now the only one hope Google is Motorola Mobility as own brand and own company.

Google Nabs a Key Partner’s Top Marketer: Samsung Exec Brian Wallace Goes to Motorola
DECEMBER 21, 2012 AT 11:46 AM PT

Samsung has done a very good job selling its brand of Google’s Android phones. And apparently Google has paid attention: It is bringing over the guy who headed up Samsung’s marketing to do the same job at its Motorola unit.
Google has hired Brian Wallace, the vice president of strategic marketing at Samsung’s U.S. phone unit, to fill a similar post at Motorola, according to people familiar with the move.
At Samsung, Wallace headed up consumer marketing, and got credit for the phone maker’s punchy ad campaign, which tackled Apple directly by mocking its most ardent fans.


  • bob

Anonymous, 22 Dec 2012So in other words Google is going to squeeze the profit margins ... moreMy thought 2. This will put Sony and HTC in a very difficult position and piss off Samsung. Not sure if its a wise choice to provide Moto with some special support... But looking at the market share of android... Google probably couldn't care less.

  • HelloW

google and moto team make the android environment more competitive...their target not only ip but galaxy lineup..

  • Cosmin

I think everyone shoud remember all the other ,,x phone`s`` that motorola had over time, they had the atrix wich was revolutionary because of it`s webtop ,then the motorola xoom wich was the first real android tablet.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 22 Dec 2012End of road for Samsung short glory, 2013 would be Google/Motoro... moreYeah samsung needs to take a step down, and I can't wait for this phone. I hope it's cheap like the nexus 4, and has top of the range specs.

  • Anonymous

motorola never more!!!

  • peter

Finally! I'm really sick of these cheap plastic samsung bodies.

Isn't it obvious? Phone X is going to be google glasses made by Moto. Duh!


Google and motorola teaming up against iphn cannot do so much of harm to iphn

  • z

if it cant do 8 hrs of LTE, no thank you.

  • MeeGo Takeover

JackSparrowThePirate, 22 Dec 2012Galaxy S IV will be a killer with the new laser technology guidance.Not without Android it won't. Samsung is trash without Google

The strategy begun to show. This is the reason almost all OEM are launching their own W8 lineup. Why?, because if Google is going to launch their own phone lineup guess who will get the most of Android?

This happened before (of course in it's own terms and time) with symbian, when nobody else that nokia used to get the most of it. Well, the remaining brands turn to android.

Is this event and the obvious path it shows going to be an inflection point in Android's support among OEMs?, will see...

  • I-say


Instead of asking bigger and bigger battery, ask them to make Android more power efficient.

  • Anonymous

motorola phone are awsome and unrivaled

uni, 22 Dec 2012Hope this wont have the major drawback current nexus line has(Ma... morenexus line won't have expandable memory they will be like I phones but I would like to have 32 and 64gb versions though

Hope this wont have the major drawback current nexus line has(Max 16gb & not expandable). It should have a 32gb version or have expandable slot...

  • Anonymous

So in other words Google is going to squeeze the profit margins of the other Android manufacturers even more than they already are. Exactly what Google said they wouldn't do, they are now doing. Great job Google.

  • Anonymous

small bezels pls.......