Merry Christmas to you all from the GSMArena team

25 December, 2012
Christmas is here and we'd like to send you our best wishes for a wonderful holiday season.

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merry christmas from Honduras

  • Srikanth

U guys are da best merry christmas

  • lai

Happy new year form Kerala,India

  • Winter

Marry Christmas and Happy New Year From Cambodia... :)

  • Anonymous

Snow n Songs,
Carols n Joys,
Laughter n Love,
Wishing you a Blessed Month of Christmas!!
to all fanboys osfans and winsfans and simbyfans and....

Hey it's not too late to give the gift of updating the list of phone brands in that column to the left of the page. I'm sure Oppo and Lenovo (to name a couple) deserve to be there as much as .. Icemobile.

  • Ren

Merry X'Mas and Advance Happy New Yr...

  • Anonymous

Merry Christmas! I hope for PEACE in GSMArena that fanboys from different OS and brands do not fight each other anymore!

  • Sina

Merry Christmas to best of bests...GSMArena ,happy new year ,with the best wishes.
Sina from Iran

Merry Christmas from Romania!

  • Antiguan

What phone does that man have in his hand? Is it a blackberry 10 device?

  • Jscelei

Feliz natal GSMARENA !!!!!!
Merry Christmas!!!!!!!!!

  • Anonymous

Butterfly for Christmas.thank you htc

  • daltonf

merry christmas right back atcha guys

  • Keke

Happy happy happy Xmas to all the staff at GSMarena and to all HTC users and how can I forget all those who regularly troll Samsung I wish you guys who participate in helping one another to know and understand their phone all the best in your future endeavor in 2013. My name is Keke a die hard fan of HTC all the way from South Africa in Pretoria. happy happy happy

  • gaboman

merry chritmas from peru

  • 2Pac4Life

Merry Christmas to you all from Romania ! Best site ever !

  • thefearfulsilence

Merry Christmas to the GSMArena team and to everyone on here.

  • Anonymous

Merry Christmas to you too !! Best site for cellphone specs !

  • narniaguy

Nerry christmas from narnia