Microsoft sold 5 times more phones this Christmas season

08 January, 2013
Steve Ballmer, Microsoft CEO, stated that 5 times more Windows Phones were sold this Christmas.

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  • Anonymous

Yes, Microsoft sold 5m or what-so-ever amount of units. But the fact that most of those device had been return back to the point of purchased and have it replace by a new Windows phone or a different phone manufacturer.

Microsoft lacks the capability to provide enjoyment to the user as they limit the features of the phone. Especially the application seen on the Store (Marketplace). Most, no, entire application seems to be odd and not working. If they intend or say that Microsoft provide over a thousand application. Well those application are never-the-less not worthfit. Hope Microsoft study and test first those application being provided by different application developer before releasing it on the Store.

  • Anonymous

gosh, 5 times more phones?
they must have sold at least 10 !

LOLwinphone, 08 Jan 2013maybe they sold 100 wp8 phones last year and then now they sold ... moreTrue,
its meaningless to say "5 times more" when the original numbers are not known.

windowsphone is the worst OS in the world, 1% market share. Sales are ZERO in US market. No interest.

  • LOLwinphone

maybe they sold 100 wp8 phones last year and then now they sold 500. that is still 5 times more. haha! maybe the exact figures are too embarassing to announce :P

  • jaunis

i guess you meant in november 2012 not 2013.

  • Anonymous

let the prophecies begin:) - "November 2013 they've sold 4 time more smartphones than the same time last year"

  • Slim

Yey, they sold 5 phones!