HTC's excited chairman shows off the upcoming M7 flagship

01 February, 2013
Peter Chou flashed the yet to be announced device at the company's year end party in Taipei.

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i love htc flyer, i wish there a new one with quad core and more slim, then let all other options specially the stylus , i love it

Will get better??

Developers, developers, developers, developers, developers...........

Don't be so hopeful mate! HTC can come up some thing non-innovative ideas again. Same old bugging battery (2020 mAh), 4.7" screen and no memory card slot may be on LTE as well :(

  • z

what make everyone thing that's a m7.... looks like a windows phone to me.

  • al_droid@dev

Dave, 01 Feb 2013Hey, i got also htc desire, but is ics stable for day to day use... moreyes, just root the device and flash any ICS or JB roms on it i have a desire hd and i am running vipers rom 404 ics with sense 4.1 and i run it as my day to day driver

  • Nick

This video gives me hope that the final design is NOT what we have seen so far. I do not want an android clone of the 8X. And did anyone see the two straight lines at the top and the bottom of the phone? This fuels my hope for an awsome design. If we cannot get the Butterrfly in Europe they need a (similar) winner to stay in the game.

from the pic ,it is different than all the leaks and maybe it has a removable back cover , nicee :D:D:D

By the looks of the picture provoided by GSMARENA, it looks like it has a REMOVABLE back cover!!!! and totally new design than what they have been showing us!!!

Still HTC One X is better looking than this one .

LIVINSTON PATO, 01 Feb 2013i dont think desire supports ICS 2.3 gingerbread should be the l... moreTry xda...... you mind end up with a perfectly working JB ROM....

  • GreekGeek

All HTC needs is big battery , SD card and a Root On/Off switch in settings.
Other than that , Sence , Design and Camera are great

  • owl

Uhh sir watchout for suddenly heart attack

  • Sam

After 100 years even HTC will bring out the same kind of phone with a different name, no change, as usual , low bty, same Sense with the same date widget.

  • nick

Pete is always super excited.

  • dreamkiller

LIVINSTON PATO, 01 Feb 2013i dont think desire supports ICS 2.3 gingerbread should be the l... morenonsense. the old htc nexus supports jelly bean

why shouldn't the desire support a mere ics?

  • Anonymous

Another line of short battery life "but look how thin it is" line of phones.

  • Flyer Addicted

Why HTC don't coming out with new flyer ...??? long wait for this... Come On HTC.. :[

  • zzzz

Striker, 02 Feb 2013Baah, just another Handroid from Asia - large as a TV set, buggy... morewhat?? stolen os...?? u must be stupid to say that.

Home key on the front are touch keys, additional SIM switching key on the bottom, right when you need to call. Top, left to add its logo featured Dual SIM