Nokia to bring out a Lumia device with 41-megapixel sensor

05 February, 2013
New reports of a Nokia Lumia smartphone with a 41 MP PureView sensor just came in. 

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Here is the real innovation , the real glory.. Welcome to the best phone maufacturer in thec world...

Writen from my Samsung Galaxy S3.. I love you Nokia and I'm coming back to you.

xman, 05 Feb 2013If you put this technology into an Android Device then Nokia wou... moreOoooh I don't think so. Nokia need new ground to sow and grow with. Android already to many companies enrolled. Some are choking. Windows needs Nokia

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it will be made this phone double brick. 300gr for 4,5 inch lol

Lumia 920 is still not available in the Philippines. Should I instead wait for this TWO years from now?

4.5 to 5 inch
meego or win os
polycarbonate or aluminium body
External memory
red,white,black, yellow colour is sufficient
hq and loud audio o/p

I hope they make the 920 with the 41 mp cam. Shape and size is comfortable.. Aluminium apparently on the way to. ..

If you put this technology into an Android Device then Nokia would be making a comeback. . .

Nokia will win the game with this. But I hope it looks more like lumia. I can't stand oval mobiles its just not right.

Plz dont use android. Plz plz plz. Either meego or win

Way to go nokia.. pureview 808 sales failed mainly due to its OS which was said to be a burning platform and lack of support after 2016.. This time with windows os there wil be huge difference

Wow, Nokia is back in the game, no pbm whatever os is in this mean machine. Waiting for this baby. Please release soon

Wow awesome

nice one! and put android on top of it.

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waiting Instagram for WP 8 )))