Windows Phone Store currently facing download issues

09 February, 2013
Multiple users trying to download apps are being shown Error code: 805a0193

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I confirm this issue but it's not at all a regular one. It happened twice to me since December 2012. The bigger issue seems to be the over the air I am getting them in a whole bunch twice a month..imagine 50 updates suddenly for around 100 apps installed..while my Lumia 920 is unlocked. Oh..and no Portico update available so far - I live in France.

Same issue on samsung omnia w, India

I wanna try a windows phone as my next phone. I think this could be the next big thing after android os.

  • Prasanna

Worst of lumia more problems in lumia no advantages and updates i have more in 710 lumia

How is it a news? This should be in the blog section.

Issue exists in the Indian market. I have lumia 710

  • nik

Everything hangs on 'Windows'

it's back on my htc 8x (malta)

  • EXO

I started facing this problem on lumia 800 particularly after the 7.8 update.

  • Andrew

It is fixed or just no problems in Latvia using UK market

really? I just successfully downloaded and installed youtube app minutes ago.

  • Anonymous

The truth is never lie, fake is always fake and crap is always crap. OMG

  • A-H-A

yes thats true... it hapenned with me with my Lumia 920

  • anand

i have lumia 710..i too have this problem...

  • Anonymous

killer droid, 09 Feb 2013This os su*k so much wow!!!Yes you are right, Android sucks big time!

This os su*k so much wow!!!

Lol.. windows os itself is a ptoblem and its doubled with nokia's stupid hardware desgin!!