Vodafone suggests its iPhone 4S users do not update to iOS 6.1

09 February, 2013
Vodafone recommends the iPhone 4S users on its network do not update to the latest version of the OS.

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  • Anonymous

Once a crapp, always a crapp>:).

  • sotos

Anonymous, 09 Feb 2013Even Nexus 4 has problem with wifi connection after JB 4.2 update.no nexus 4 WiFi issues...and I have two..please stop lying

  • ashpool

So it's got problems making and receiving calls,sending and receiving texts and connecting to the internet...apart from that it's perfect!:-D

  • androidfloyd

This makes me laugh because all nieve ios users think ios is perfect, yeah think again!

  • Kiran

What is Apple up to, charging a premium for phones, which have come with hardware issues quite a few times in the past (death grip), have had significant software bugs and issues, slow and not big updates and with very limited product options.
Android does suffer from issues of its own, but then you have choices, at least they come up with more significant updates, at least you get to pay less and buy a not so great product.
I like Apple for the smooth interface it has and the minimal design of their products, but then it seems like that's where their positives end.

  • vishal

i did it
n its workng fine

Jean.androidfan, 09 Feb 2013while apple released 6.0.2, 6.0, 6.0.1, 6.1, all of them had so ... morehave you seen the official android bug list? god...

  • Xman

Really? Are Apple developers getting lazy??

  • Android Man

just another reason why i am so glad i got shot of my iphone. at least android updates work. and they do what there suppose to.

  • Anonymous

Even Nexus 4 has problem with wifi connection after JB 4.2 update.

  • MyName

Users imply hold their phones wrongly when updating.
Apple soon to release rubber bands for upgrading to iOS 6.1.

  • Anonymous

F.... vodafone can't even get update for my xperia T.

  • raaj

releasing bugs in updates are innovation of Apple only - Android must be cheated :)

iPhone 5 and iPhone 4S is already more, too much, fragmentation than iOS, Apple, can handle!

  • Kalk

Typical Apple way - one step forward, two steps back.

I thing IOS 6.1 will be good for i phone 5

while apple released 6.0.2, 6.0, 6.0.1, 6.1, all of them had so many bugs, but when android 4.1 came, it fixed everything in android ( do not lie and say no) and yes really 4.2 had so many bugs ( including the missing December)but 4.2.1 came and fixed it , and at max. android's bug fixed are just 2 not 10, and also android updates are some huge additions not one or two seen additions , so stop lying about Android, thanks google for optimizing your os after 4.1 in the best way, do not beleive?? Go see all gsmarena reviews with 4.1 phones

  • Anonymous

The users are updating it wrong.