HTC posts more teasers of its One smartphone

18 February, 2013
Tomorrow, the company will officially lift the curtains of its latest Android flagship.

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  • Kantutan

DSLR's Megapixel Lens beats HTC Ultrapixels Lens =)

  • vinoth

should have tegra 4

  • kamar

Waiting waiting...

  • uzeyir

Anonymous, 18 Feb 2013 There is a reason speakers are at the side or back... When u ho... moreWhat a fanboy comment...

How do you hold your phone for god's sake, there is no way to block those speaker, take your phone in your hand and look!

  • jJ

I wonder about the Canon zoom lenses they've got posted.. could that be the 'new photo tech'?

I'd love an android phone in that super-bright 'limelight yellow' though

  • Anonymous

The eye symbolizes retina display I think

  • Anonymous

Barbidahl, 18 Feb 2013Totally. Butterfly was a failure right from the start. HTC doe... moreHow much is Htc one plz . Reply

  • a

snapdragon 600 to be precise

  • GreekGeek

YESSS !!! At last HTC gives some good sound experience because last year One series failed @loundspeaker.
I'm so gonna buy this

please better battery

more 2.5gb ram for the os

ips screen please hd

  • fanboyhtc

please better battery and front camrea and ips screen hd

Htc came with the tagline of - amazing camera,authentic sound for their one x last year but it was ordinary in those aspects.hope it does better this time.

  • rcl444

rcl4444, 18 Feb 2013>> try again! :-\ .... with ultra slim side bezels (
Obviously not meant to make my point...

Just give us back one handed useability! Ultra slim side bezels and uniformly thin phones...

  • rcl4444

rcl4444, 18 Feb 2013>>continued from previous: Smart phone (and I mean PHON... more>> try again! :-\

.... with ultra slim side bezels (

  • nileriver

rcl4444, 18 Feb 2013Bit confused about what your point was - assume your saying that... moreI totally agree 4.5 - 4.7 is the max. considering so many variations viewed & seen in the mobile world change.

Itz brilliant to know with majority of the rumors suggesting HTC ( M7 aka One) is at 4.7 !! Wish U a gr8 2013.

  • rcl4444

rcl4444, 18 Feb 2013Bit confused about what your point was - assume your saying that... more>>continued from previous:

Smart phone (and I mean PHONE) flagship models should focus on 4.5" to 4.85" screens with ultra slim side bezels (

I also agreed that they themshelves killed the sales of j butterfly as it is the most powerful droid yet upto release of samsung galaxy s4
what i feel they should launch their flagship just after s4 by noticing the drawbacks of s4 and adding those features to their flagship
as samsung has done in case of s3 they release their flagship after one x by adding copies features (vedio record cum take snap) etc making it powerful enough to dominate oneX in every field except beauty it's my personal feel i am not saying sam is copying

  • rcl4444

Alex, 18 Feb 2013Totaly agree! It's really stupid to define a new trend in the ... moreBit confused about what your point was - assume your saying that HTC should be sticking with 5" as that is the 'current trend'?

If so I hugely disgaree.

One handed operation and portability are important points for a phone. So until we have virtually '0' width side bezels and uniform thickness less than 8mm then 5" is pushing too large.

If you want more screen realestate then get a phablet (5.3" to 6") - that's what they're there for! As for 1080 on 4.7" - excellent! Well done HTC. I wish Samsung would give us a 1080 4.8" RGB Super Amoled Plus.

Smart phone (and I mean PHONE) flagship models should focus on 4.5" to 4.85" screens with ultra slim side bezels and

Hi ppl. In all images date is 02/19/13. The marketing of HTC is failing again. This image had already been disclosed. I am big fan of HTC, I still use an HTC Touch HD (T8282) with windows mobile 6 and has not disappointed me. I was impressed with the One X and One X+ but were "drowned out" by the shadow of the giant Galaxy S III. At this point I thought the Butterfly was surprising in Europe but has not reached all countries! It seems that launched the Butterfly dropper for then can sell the One.

  • Igor

i had an htc hd2 and it look prety big with 4.3 inch 5" i guess it's oversized so for me i would love to get this HTC in range of 4"-4.3"..... very sad that for some reason and i dont now who loves this 5" PHONES first of all it should be an phone!!!!! not an home cinema!!!!