Lumia 720 and 520 are Nokia's latest smartphones

25 February, 2013
The Lumia 720 has a 4.3" ClearBlack WVGA screen, dual-core Krait and 6.7MP f/1.9 Carl Zeiss snapper.

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i think nokia copy, 25 Feb 2013Look at the nokia 520 lumnia it look like sony acro s look does ... moregrow up, ur experia line only had names different, nthing else or innovative. .evrybody,s copying nokia, be it samsung, or b.b or iphn...... Come out of android sheep herd, now m nt part of this android wave, cos now im piss@d up vid android and its business, how they fool people, most f d people saying gud about android are the game developers or app developers cos they will gain millions by fake publicity......grow up....

wow. M buying one f those for sure or 620 when it arrives in india, right now i cant afford 920 its little costly. I was plannin for micromax hd which is a gud bet better then galaxy grand... But now i will wait for these handsets. Nokia has proved that when its on a verge f doindg smethinn outstanding it will blow up everything, i have tested 920vid portico update f my friend, and im blown away by camera , the u.i and the body. I dont know why nokia is not interesting in gud marketing. I have seen galaxy grand commercial which in reality is a bug time dumbness. Galaxy grand has nothing gud to offer, and still the advt shows it as in if its smthng special..another cheap phn frm smsng....hope nokia will do some gud advt, and m coming back to nokia vid windows, yaah i will miss some of the awesum PAID GAMES IN ANDROID, but thats fine, i will manage vid some of them in windows o.s.....i will sell my 1 year old galaxy note now and go for nokia windows. .little dissapointed vid no catwalk or laser announcements, i was expecting p.v windows, which will destruct everyone, but they will keep the price well above cos already 920 is a huge hit ( atleast in my office and friend circle the yellow one, i have already seen 20 of them ) Nokia im coming back to u. Keep holdin on and please keep innovating......

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flaundre, 25 Feb 2013Yea your ryt they copy the sides and edges of sony acro s. Thats... moreAgain the fake guy .... can u comment in English please !!!! didn't understand a bit what u said in foreign language ... probably use ur sony phone to help u teach english if it is so awesome .. ROFL

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queen falcon, 25 Feb 2013Yes your absolutely perfectly ryt. Its crystal clear that nokis ... moreLOL .... sony really ????? name one innovation from sony ... just one ok.
Their phones have only android and some junk sony skin .... nothing else, i accept that samsung and HTC and infact LG too tries to do some innovation ..But sony ... man its a TV company just releasing phones as they dont have any better work to do.

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"leopoes friend", "leopoes", "queen falcon", "flaundre" .... Whoever this is stop creating fake names ... we know that u r same person. So who will it be next ????
"leopoes wife", "leopoes kid", "leopoes maid", "leopoes dad", "leopoes grandma" ... STFU and get the hel out of here

Leopoes and his/her friends please stop this non sense, htc has done innovation?? Oh bullshit, rather htc copied the designs of lumia and what about their challenge to Nokia in imaging tech, even n8 takes better pictures than htc one. And please you guys leave this section, Nokia has done something what we call WOW. We love it. Why you guys are misguiding people..!!

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rionji, 25 Feb 2013sorry Nokia, you keep recycling old design. out of fresh ideaWhat did apple and Samsung do? Exactly the same

  • Anonymous

IndianaMike, 25 Feb 2013I dont understand why Nokia continues to make phones that are al... moreBest comment I've ever read.

A person who buys a iPhone according to your description looks at the sign and can't tell 1GB > 512MB or 41MP > 5MP and you then plea for Nokia to use their brains.....

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To all the people out there talking about design and same looking devices ... heres a small challenge, visit this page ..
and name any 5 phones without even looking at the names .... u will ge a special prize from me :P
Atleast i can easily name nokia phones without even looking at their names. They are not exactly same devices as is the case with sony. some have curved edges, some have straight edges, some differ in front design.
Dont just mention same design if u guys have vision problems, better consult an eye doctor and get well soon guys.

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vvqwerty, 25 Feb 2013will these ever come to indiayup definitely ... these are non LTE phones targeted specifically to those countries where LTE is not there.
In my guess lumia 720 shud be priced close to 15-18K in india.
Looks like a stealer, good design and finally they are making slim phones :)

Abe01, 25 Feb 2013Hey Mikey! Tell me why is Iphone using the same design AGAIN and... moreWhat I am trying to get at is that Nokia is trying too hard to cater for every price range, and this creates confusion in the marketplace. If they created 1 amazing phone, and marketed the hell out of it, they might stand a chance against Samsung and Apple.

They honestly cant afford a diluted product range. They are already battling with production of the 920 - not because of high demand, but because they don't have enough factories to build them.

Samsung on the other hand can afford a massive product line because the revenue from their other appliiances can subsidize it.

Instead Nokia should spend their money on marketing. I live in New Zealand which should be a prime environment for Nokia, but I have not seen a single Lumia TV commercial. There were briefly some billboards for the Lumia 800/900, but thats it.

No one buys Lumia because they dont know its an option. The people on this forum know about Lumia because we are big fans.

BTW - I have a Nokia N9. I was considering one of the Lumia's but Im unsure.

rionji, 25 Feb 2013sorry Nokia, you keep recycling old design. out of fresh ideadude.. recycling is better than stealing.. or copying...
what ever nokia does, we love it..
so go to the page you like.. and post your comment there..

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Currently using Lumia 710. Next phone will be definetly Lumia 720/820. Very impressed by the UI smoothness. Have been using all of the current platforms and noone comes as near as WP as far as it goes for to UI. Nokia fanboy since the launch of the N73 :P

the last 5 galaxy phones look alike(ugly) and no one is complaining about it...leave this beauties alone

mobilefreak90, 25 Feb 2013do you mean samsung?I am sure he means Samsung or may be Iphone.

rionji, 25 Feb 2013sorry Nokia, you keep recycling old design. out of fresh ideado you mean samsung?

sorry Nokia, you keep recycling old design. out of fresh idea

Wheather these phones atleast will be available in india ? ??

Mr IndianMike..

i want a phone that is has big screen and is not as costly as the 820.. and i dont want to get the 620 as screen is small..
I am sure there would have been others who were waiting like me.. and they will be very happy to know that now we have multiple chose.. 720 and 620.. very beautifull design.. and now big screen.. i am getting 720 as soon as its released.. waiting for it.. :)

You do realize that last 3 iPhones look all similar, last hundreds of Galaxy smartphones from Samsung look all similar and people still don't complain about them. Instead, it just works. Design language is a identity of brand and Nokia have set it very nicely now. Lumia can be recognized from a distance and so distinct that could be separated from a crowded market of lame design phones.