LG unveil Optimus G Pro, F5 and F7, second-gen L-series

25 February, 2013
The Optimus G goes Pro, F5 and F7 serve LTE, second-gen L-series and Vu II keep them company.

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  • pawan

i liked it

  • abrar

yes this is good product


i really impressed with these lg phones...
im surely looking to have f7.
godness i never dream one day to be in-love with lg phone?

i think i have to upgrade my htc one v to thisf7.

  • goodfell'as

Why is everyone producing smartphones with non-removable battery because - it's the quickest way to make smartphones become obsolete after a few weeks.

  • Anonymous

lyndon, 26 Feb 2013dont buy lg products...they will promise you nothing...no updates...funny troll.
people are here because they love lg phones.
who give you right to tell us what is right and whais wrong...?
we here and we are satisfied with lg.
go away troll...
lg simply the best!

i dnt understands that when they announced the dual sim versions of whole l series,, then why wasting their time and money by making sigle sim variants,,,,,,,,,and why they are not putting minimun 8gb memory onboard frm olders 4gb. and a vdo call camera in every model...........does that make any sense..

Too bad that there isn't any improved L9II - with 16GB on board and a better GPU and a better camera.
I wanted to buy L9 but guess I will stick with the new Galaxy Express with better hardware and camera and LTE for my county. Also Galaxy Xcover 2 is considered, a water-prof and dust-resistent is a good deal our days, go to the beach or to the mountain.
And both came within same price range - 230 Euro.

dont buy lg products...they will promise you nothing...no updates...

  • Anonymous

lg really going rocking

  • lucky

very nice comment bro....

Two chicks on the left are nice.


plz get a info abt thats girls ......will free with the hnd set.

  • fakuryu

I own a lovely LG L9, with the specs of the L7II sometimes makes me wish I should have waited a bit more. But the L9 is more than enough for my needs and is quite a looker too.

  • jameli

The girls are looking great!

  • Rules

What is that? All LG white phones have thick black border around the display :)

  • hvge

what's with this thick black inner frame of the sreen lg? dissapointing.

  • Nani

LG Optimus G Pro benchmark really grate.


  • anuj

LG phone is a veery goog bttery bigup and smitphoe
is good handset modle

  • nice LG!

Anonymous, 25 Feb 2013Epic fail. I'll stick to my Droid DNA. your Droid DNA is a GARBAGE compared to POWERFUL G PRO....

ONLY the Optimus G2 can beat G PRO

  • z

looks like galaxy note2