Apple gets reduced damages in the mega trial vs. Samsung

01 March, 2013
Judge orders reevaluation of $450.5 million of damages in a new trial involving 14 Samsung devices.

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  • bazinga!

IBM Simon, Neonoide n1m & Lg Prada..
Google them and you wil know what iphone is made of..
Same old design and that familiar o.s.. yuck!!
No expandable memory, no bluetooth sharing with other devices,download only from itunes.. "unsmartphone"
Pixel density which iphone "used to" boast of, has already been beaten by HTC , Lg & Sony..
Bring a common man and show him all iphones generation wise.. he will surely mistake 3gs as 4s or 4 as 4s..
If apple is the real innovator, why use Samsung's chip, Sony's lens etc etc??
Why are you paying for Facetime??
Why you were told to post on your site that Samsung didn't copy you??
Google maps for apple crossed billions of downloads the day it was launched whereas ios maps was a disaster??

  • Anonymous

Apple makes Samsung even better flagship
Dumb apple

  • egg2wise

iDontLike2Innovate, 04 Mar 2013Nok n95 was 3G..... 1st gen iPhone was (clear throat.....) 2G. N... moreand telex machine could send text message aprox. 30y before N95... do you think telex was better than N95?

  • iDontLike2Innovate

Anonymous, 04 Mar 2013guy apple was not the first u could listen to music or play vide... moreNok n95 was 3G..... 1st gen iPhone was (clear throat.....) 2G. Nok n95 can cut and paste.... 1st gen iPhone cannot do this simple task. Nok n95 can send MMS..... 1st gen iphone cannot send MMS......... wallpaper, ringtones, bluetooth fileshare and many simple tasks to mention.

After many gen iphones and updates, customer can finally send MMS, cut & paste, record video and so on.

Just imagine LG, motorola, nokia, samsung or any other company without the fruit logo designed this product........ the outcome would of been completely different.

1st gen iphone sold like hot cakes bcos of the fruit logo. Simple as that.....

Grow up apple.... You have copied from others and yet you have the nerve to sue. Stop the nonsense patent BS and start innovating like a proper tect company.


  • Anonymous

im not on apple side cause they suck but i rather a scratch then a broken phone so i dont see ur logic in deffending sammy on that mater

  • Anonymous

im no hater its juss fanboy make me laugh i dont like build quality of sammy and i dont like iphone period thats my opinion if sammy phone is water proof and could take a fall they would be the best i have money charge me an extra hundred for a durable version if not by sammy your not the best

  • Anonymous

guy apple was not the first u could listen to music or play videos play games nokia was touch screen give that to apple but what u juss said lol apple fan boy lol look it up n95 did all that came out before first iphone so all that you juss mentioned incept for touch screen now your facts

  • Anonymous

Im so happy with my first iphone before because its the forst colored & touchscreen phone, the only phone that can play music,
Take photos and videos, download and play games then everyone else copy it.

  • 4u

Anonymous, 04 Mar 2013I can name 10 things invented by Apple. 1. first phone with c... more> In reply to Anonymous @ 2013-03-04 04:08 from jAKx - click to readI can name 10 things invented by Apple.

1. first phone with capacitive touch screen
2. only phone with iOS
3. first phone with app store
4. First phone though which one can use email
5. first phone thru one can play songs.
6. first phone thru one can watch videos.
7. first phone on which one can play games.
8. first phone that allowed taking pictures
9. first phone that allowed browsing the web
10. first phone that allowed face time.
2013-03-04 07:03
was my last phone
please look the date of it's release and look what you can do with it

ohh you can make pictures with it
Ohh it has a 3G with what you can brows web site
Ohh you can play games with it
Ohh you can record videos with it
Ohh you can listen music and radio with it
Ohh you can read email with it
Ohh btw you even can record audio with it and use it as dictaphone
ok it does not have touch screen
and dont say anything about IOS system cause it's only on apple products and you cant get one from other products so you cant count it in as one thing that it have
same thing with app store
i really dont know what is facetime so i cant really say anything about it

and app store is basically same as google store or any other version of some other store that sells apps it's only a name of a page

and thats from the year 2006 where as nokia earlier phones like from 2005 5140i had cam on it to and color screen that did most of the things for you to

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 04 Mar 2013Personally, I think most Samsung products in general feel cheap ... morethe differance is that if you drop your samsung and it breaks you can buy a new one and still have not payed for two phones as much as one phone from apple

and please dont say anything about quality of the fabric if all are mass production

if apple iphone 64GB cost 899 euro and samsung s3 16GB cost 469 euro (32GB microsd cost 20 euro) then explain me why is iphone better ? does the aluminium and glass cost 430 euro to make ???

explain me why is it smart to pay 430 euro more for a phone that does same things ???
iphone 8GB is 699 euro and16GB is 799 euro ... where as 32GB to add with microSD card to samsung cost only 20 euro

make me understand the point please !!!
you need itunes accaunt to activate iphone
every move you make cost you on a iphone

everything you need on android is basically for free
lots of android apps are for free

you want to be different so you pay extra 430 euro for a phone is totally stupid

  • kamote

seanderson, 04 Mar 2013If only Samsung stopped copying Apple, then they wouldn't have b... moreif only apple stopped suing samsung for laughable claims, then apple would have more customers.
if only people stopped copying, then we all would be dumb.
what else?

  • kamote

Anonymous, 04 Mar 2013Is this a joke? Aside from the apple specific features not one o... morei like reading stuff like these. makes me smile and see how intelligent most of us are compared to these dumb fanboys. samsung haters are so funny.

  • iDontLike2Innovate

Anonymous, 04 Mar 2013why are all the sammsung fanboys so defensive? HYPOCRITE.......

Apple corp and customers are all hypocrites

Q1.Did apple really invented or released the first ever rectangler smartphone?
A1: Palm did, in 2001

Q2.Does iOS homescreen look kinda like Nokia's symbian s60 but with more icons?
A2: Steve Jobs did admit he was very inspired by nokia,he was so inspired millions of iphone users get to see it everyday. (boring icons, look kinda like symbian s60 doesnt it)

Q3.Did apple released the first ever app store?
A3: First ever application down feature was invented by Linux in 2002

So..... why didn't google, nokia, linux and many more companies file a infringement lawsuit against apple?

Because...... they spend more time in the lab researching, developing and innovating more products. Not in an office looking for pathetic patents and sue your biggest rivalry in the court room.

Why target samsung?.... You got it, they are apple's biggest rivalry

If you have the cheek to use other peoples ideas and made it better (or not in some cases), do not claim is yours.

Steve Jobs quote in 1990 : "Picasso had a saying, he said: 'Good artists copy, great artists steal'. We have, you know, always, ah, been shameless about stealing great ideas."

Facetime (2003 videochat tech with 3G at launch), Android notification bar, DO NOT DISTURB from google's voice which is also called DO NOT DISTURB and so on...... lots more.

This is the most laughable argument regarding plastic casing..... +90% of iphone users covered there phone with a plastic case (most bought from cheap internet sites and cheap market stores) because aluminum is scratch prone and 4&4S glass back is smash prone. Most iphones are wrapped round with cheaper plastic... hmmmmmm

Peace from a tech lover

  • kamote

Anonymous, 04 Mar 2013Take a s3 and hit it with a iphone 5 .. I confirm s3 will bend f... moreif benchmark tests are all done by you, i can't think what phones we will still have available today. where did you get your methods of testing?

  • seanderson

If only Samsung stopped copying Apple, then they wouldn't have been in trouble... Samsung is copycat!!! They make profit out of copying Apple!!!

Coming from HTC HD2, I tried Samsung Galaxy Note, Samsung Galaxy SIII, and I ended up selling both in favor of an Apple iPhone 4S. The iPhone 4S is much more professional, more sensitive to the touch, more ergonomic, but more complicated to be considered the only negative point. After the launch of the HTC One, I am thinking about buying one, or opting back to HTC.

  • Anonymous

why are all the sammsung fanboys so defensive?

  • Anonymous

"So, what can Samsung do?"

Triangle-shaped phones!

  • Anonymous

a good thing that could come from this is if samsung just scraps "touchwiz" all together and goes completely stock. I'd love that too

  • Anonymous

Personally, I think most Samsung products in general feel cheap to the touch. I'm not surprised at all how many people have shattered theirs from short drops.
Unless you're gung ho about Samsung, I'd recommend a different brand.

I dropped mine just 2 1/2 feet the (day after I bought it) while on my way to get a bumper case. Screen cracked all to hell. How ironic.

The bezel is too thin and weak.