Samsung Galaxy S4 goes official with new screen and CPU

15 March, 2013
The Samsung flagship sports a 5" 1080p Super AMOLED display, 8-core CPU and a 13MP camera.

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  • Anonymous

Galaxone, 17 Mar 2013I realise and Samsung should too that Galaxy S II hit was also b... moreThats why Apple sued Thema in the First places. The further from an iphone the better, i.e. No metal rectangle with glass

  • Ram23

Galaxone, 17 Mar 2013Is alluminium body innovation?Yes. Of course. Instead of plastic if it is with Aluminium body, definitely it is a welcome in the market.

Is alluminium body innovation?

I realise and Samsung should too that Galaxy S II hit was also because of the shape. The next thing people expected was a change to metal body. The change of shape from more rectangular to rounded started to make people look elsewhere! However Samsung never went out of the window. There was hope and we waited! It appears then that there is an IDEAL shape of a mobile phone. Similarly there is the Ideal body material. People love metal and glass. People love near rectangular shape. Samsung now knows, glass, metal rectangle is the way. The average person does not care about the inside. For surethe inside of S4 is beatiful. I came across individuals with SII that only called it Samsung Andoid. They never knew the model, not the model and neither the version of Android. So please, give us metal and rectangle and glass. Theses matter today!

  • rcl4444

gilb, 16 Mar 2013Design is a matter of personal taste. That Design was bet on by... moreYes, design is a matter of taste.

Majority on blog sites and virtually every reviewer has commented at some point how the design of the S3 is uninspiring and generally disappointing. With time many became more excepting; very few have ever called it a good looking device. It's sold well because of it's features and, though not the best in all aspects, overall it was arguably the best smartphone for it's time.

It did not sell for it's design, and nor have the other Samsung devices that look similar (NoteII, G mini, etc...). If you wanted what it can do then you bought it as you had not choice - let's not kid ourselves to believe otherwise.

I've have/had SGS1,2 & 3. I would not have got S3 without the fact I got it free with my contract renewal. I like the phone, though am not crazy about it.

So as a manufacturer, when you have something that appears to be well received, you are VERY careful about changing it. You don't want to change something people 'like' and possibly create something they don't. Apple demonstrates this very well and has produced the best selling devices using this formula.

So Samsung has done same with S4. I will sell well because despite the very disappointing design, overall it ticks more boxes (hardware/feature wise)over it's rivals and S3 than S3 did at the time... and it's thinner, ligher, stronger, faster! Will it achieve expectation (100M sold)? - I doubt it, though it will get up there.

I think in 2013 Apple and Samsung will both (hopefully) learn a valuable lesson: loyalty can only be stretched so far - we'll stick by you with the occassional 'stuff up' as long as you get back on track next time. People demand better and will start voting with their wallets if they don't get it, especially when it's clear that 'better' IS possible because we can see the competition doing it!

  • blue

Anonymous, 16 Mar 2013Samsung is very borrring i wanna by HTC Butterfly it's Rocking No htc butterfly is joking.

Like Apple Like Samsung. Another year, another flagship, same old boring design. HTC and Sony forever.

  • Anonymous

Wow samsung pls dont make plastic phone. Go for metal like depleted uranium that last for 4billion yrs nyahahahaha

  • Anonymous

Samsung are only good in advertisement. But there_product_sucks_.

  • Mauj

Samsung is not looking at what people will need rationally, because the design had been a big controversy of all time with them and they never took a step to change it from plastic.
Secondly, 5" phones is too much....they look huge in your hands and pretty ugly. I think apple didnt increase size but that is a good thing. I think HTC one most handy in design and even in specs and performance HTC beats APPLE, SAMSUNG, SONY, LG AND ALL SMARTPHONE COMPANIES IN INNOVATION AND DESIGN. HARDWARE SPECS IN S4 ARE JUST TOO MUCH THAN DEMANDED. :/

  • Anonymous

Samsung is very borrring i wanna by HTC Butterfly it's Rocking

still its a piece of a plastic !!!!!! same design for all levels of samsung fones , nothing innovative ...

  • DON

Samsung is very borrring i wanna by HTC Butterfly it's Rocking

Bobb, 15 Mar 2013Whatever hi-fi samsung provides, its in same old plastic box. Th... more100% agree with you, I think samsung's bad luck starts with number 4. I was fond of samsung mobiles, I used S-II and S-III but not S-IV due to its old look. I ll also go for HTC One this time.

I wanna definitely buy it.

Samsung should hire the guys from Sony or HTC to design their phones...

  • ajit

better than xperia z

Design is a matter of personal taste. That Design was bet on by millions of Samsung users, making Samsung the number one smartphone seller in the world. It is used in practically all Samsung droids. They sold more than well globally. Your noise can't compete with that. You can't go around telling Samsung that design won't work. Might as well go tell McDonald's their Big Mac is awful.

It's really quad core device but uses two sets of quads. One set for high power use and the other for economy. Think of it as a Toyota Prius which has both an engine for highway runs and an electric motor for slow traffic.

Big up for Samsung... But 1 thing, iz there a real need of having 8 core processor (Exy.. 5 octa)? Samsung iz movin this industry 2 fast!! Also what processor will the next note use!!