Samsung allegedly working on a 10-inch tablet with 299ppi display

17 April, 2013
The tablet is rumored to feature a 1.7 GHz dual core Cortex-A15 processor, 2GB RAM and Android 4.2 Jelly Bean.

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SamPle, 18 Apr 2013same old design? are they running out of ideas? they launches ma... morewhat do you want for their next design? a triangular or circular tablet?

The hardware isn't the problem. There aren't all that many great Android apps for tablets.

  • SamPle

same old design? are they running out of ideas? they launches many phone & tablet products with a single design for years.
Samsung is becoming Apple!

  • Anonymous

it's samsung, it might be a new cellphone and not a tablet LOL

  • lol

Anonymous, 17 Apr 2013They already have software in use that allows tablets to tell if... moreAbsolutely right. A big flattened plastic boring hyperglaze bathtub with huge ugly bezels. It's getting worse with each new Galaxy Tab series.

  • Zhivago

Rethink !
7" Tablet with GSM voice support is still consider the best by millions consumers for its easy portability and direct SIM support, instead of ugly looking external ’Dongle’ attachment.
why not Sammy upgraded some features( screen resolution,RAM, inbuilt memory ,latest Chipset Exynos Cortex A15 etc for all the upcoming 7 Inches screen category Tablets.

If, will Surely Buy........

Boring looks and specs. Samsung loosing creativity in the tablet market.

Obviously these specs are crap when compared to a 10 inch rival like the Xperia Tablet Z . . .

yujiro hanma, 18 Apr 2013Snapdragon 800 + 2560 x 1600 resolution + Super Amoled Screen + ... moreyh keep dreaming! also this above Full HD resolution is useless, even a 60 inch TV only need 1080P, y would a 10 inch display need 1600P, lmao. It will be kool enuff to just have 1920X1080

But exynos would he better than snapdragon

Snapdragon 800 + 2560 x 1600 resolution + Super Amoled Screen + 10.1"in + 64gb with micro sd support up to 128gb + latest OS android 4.2.2 + 8mp rear and 2mp front + 15000mAh + below 500g + note capacity with pen AND the price about $899-$999. That would dominate the whole tablet market.

  • Anonymous

Mobile Tronics, 18 Apr 2013Either way genius the nexus ten was born and bred by Samsung....... moreS4 is not a beast, Note 3 is

  • Anonymous

no HD screen? :(

This is basically a nexus 10, with the exception of expandandable memory.

Looks obvious TouchWiz version of Nexus 10.

I am using Nexus 10 now, it not pure stable.

Planning to switch over to Xperia Z Tablet 10.1 soon.

  • Anonymous

Wonder how many Samsung fanboys here are actually paid by Samsung?

Either way genius the nexus ten was born and bred by Samsung.... I own the nexus 10 and I love it so much in my opinioni prefer vanilla Android on my tablet but I like touch wiz on my s3 and waiting for 4 the beast the s4

75% of us here are getting angry with the design and glossy plastic that Samsung made.... ha ha ha! Why don't you make your own or buy different brand, it simple right!?

Love sammy but they keep flooding the market and it becomes slightly boring with their products now.. allow the public to enjoy looking foreword to a new product

  • blalblabla

i will just wait intel haswell and bay trail tablets.

idk why i feel this way but i think ARM will be useless unless if the price is under 400$.

i wonder if apple would make -tablet mac- for 128389283$...