Nokia Lumia 'Catwalk' with aluminum body leaks

18 April, 2013
The phone has an aluminum frame and uses a plastic back with a significant bump the camera.

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  • Anonymous

its the nokia 925 grey color.

  • Vignesh priya

super......i am waiting for this....!i like only nokia lumia mobiles...!and also i am waiting for windows 8.1os concept...!

  • Anonymous

Hritesh ghorh, 11 Oct 2013East or west lumia is the bestmobile cost is very high normal parson not purchase bt nokia company brand is very nice .
please lunch nokia phone dule sim .

  • Hritesh ghorh

East or west lumia is the best

phone fanatic, 09 May 2013if its a flagship phone they should add a 1080p display and a qu... moreAs far as I know this will not be the flagship. I think it will be some kind of camera phone, with decent specs but great camera. The replacement of lumia 920 (the next flagship) will be announced later.

  • phone fanatic

if its a flagship phone they should add a 1080p display and a quad core cpu krait and make it aleast 4.8

  • Karan kuk

Is it released or set to release??

geordie81, 18 Apr 2013Like i said though having a removable battery does offer other b... moreOn phones that don't have a removable battery and 'freeze'. They can be reset by pressing and holding the power button for about 10 seconds. Without this feature you would be stuck with a permanently 'frozen' phone. Requiring dismantling to remove the battery. So a replacable battery is only useful for extended usage time when charging is unavailable.

geordie81, 18 Apr 2013how stupid, many people change the battery for simple reasons li... morehahahaha.. many people you say ?????? i never .... i repeat once more.. i never never never see any of my friends always carry extra batteries (S3 user and all removable battery smartphone). not only my friends but all the people i meet. i have iphone since 2008 (iphone 3g), i travel a lot around indonesia because of my work and i never feel that removable battery is important.
it depends on how you using your phone.

rafostruga12345, 18 Apr 2013Is this htc butterfly :)...100% copy of htcNokia Catwalk concept was announced even before the announcement of HTC butterfly.

  • Anonymous

geordie81, 18 Apr 2013Like i said though having a removable battery does offer other b... moreand you have a spare docking station with spare charger for a 2nd battery, or you wait 6 hours to charge both batteries, one at a time, with the same phone?

Anonymous, 18 Apr 2013buy this external acumulator and you'll never need to have a mob... moreLike i said though having a removable battery does offer other benefits though, freezing phones, battery drain or even having to replace battery permanently, also my spare 2 batteries total 6000mAh and are a lot smaller then this, might sound silly but when traveling every bit of weight and size is important, and for that reason i will never buy a sealed phone without battery access, but this is a great for day to day usage :-)

The 3 metal dots by the speakerphone look like the recent design change that put the wireless charging bits in an add-on cover, contacting the phone on the 3 dots. It think it's the 720 that has a 'snap case' that you can put on for a little more protecting and to add that charging coil.

  • Still a Nokia Fan

Thephonegeek, 18 Apr 2013Fake. The back is ugly.That back is covered with a cover to hide camera details. That is why it is ugly.

not the physical shutter or xenon present in these pics...

  • Anonymous

Judging from the size of the headphone jack, the phone appears to have thickness around 7 or 8 mm.

  • luis

awesome phone. cant wait

  • John

Ay2Cyrus, 18 Apr 2013Trash. All windows phone is a waste of money. Nokia please devel... more1. Use it.
2. Speak.

They won't release any proper previewing 808 without xenon flash... I think it's just initial design final design is due....

  • özgür kome

hello der,
but the först Tims is Nokia hase such Süper Design ? and model,I want it.