Samsung Galaxy S4 to launch in India on April 26

22 April, 2013
The model launched in India is expected to feature Samsung's Exynos 5 Octa processor.

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  • Sam

Finally s4 launched in india i booked already i will recieve it on tuesday

  • king

This phone is worth its cost

  • abhimanyu aryan

any how I have to take this cell. i'm waiting for this.

  • Bro.

very smart phone. i like it

  • Himanshu

I have s3 and now waiting for s4 . My father has promised I am just waiting for its launch oh god please help me

  • happy singh

i m waiting for s4,,,n it wil launch in india on 27 april,,,,,,,,long time waiting for dis machine,,,,,,bored from note 2,,,,,wannaa s4,,,,i love it

  • landscope

What is the price

  • whatsinaname

Have a nexus 4...Gonna get Galaxy S4 as soon as its launched. Will it be available in stores starting from 27th or it would take another week to see it in retail stores? I have already ordered a Galaxy S4 screen protector from Gadgetshieldz and waiting for the phone to come in my hand now..eagerly waiting..

  • suckitupapple

Pritam Das, 22 Apr 2013yeah some prefer plastic to fruit (well in your own language)yea i prefer plastic than a rotten half eaten apple

  • xxx

I want that full hd super amoled screen , but I will wait for price drop. Now happy with my s3.

  • Anonymous

what's the price of s4 in india

S4 Temperature and Humidity Test on S Health:

  • RYAN

Guys one BIG flaw of XPERIA IS BOON for many, its display , your GF can't see what you typing in message in xperia z as she can't see. Complete privacy while chatting or doing some stuff.
WE All know S4 is THE BEST but xperia z is not much behind. xperia ZL is 6mm smaller with 5 inch display.

  • sAm useR

jelly bean for galaxy s duos plz !! :-\ :-/

  • jen

whether direct video calling is possible without any third party software ????

  • Samsung USER

Love you samsung... Beat the apple... Waiting so eagerly for the Galaxy S4 i9500 for buying...

  • scottish

asad adeel, 22 Apr 2013s4 is much better than xperia z and htc one in specifications...... moreYes i agree i love samsung.

  • Anonymous

devilsdad, 22 Apr 2013xperia vs galaxy is like projector vs LED tv. what i mean is con... moreyes agreed

  • Anonymous

asad adeel, 22 Apr 2013s4 is much better than xperia z and htc one in specifications...... moreXperia z has lot of heating issues.. Battery hardly lasts through a day.. display has the poorest of the poor viewing angles.. had a bad experience with Sony.. but audio and camera are the best in this phone.. Bass is sheer awesome and music lovers would fall for this phone.. but then again.. S4 is also a strong contender for Sony Xperia Z.. S4 all the way.. S4 please come fasr to India.. Can't wait anymore.. Samsung I always love your AMOLED displays, you are the best..

  • Anonymous

amit, 23 Apr 2013I have bought xperia z two days ago worth Rs 34999...ROFL...