Dual-SIM Samsung Galaxy Core leaks before announcement

25 April, 2013
Samsung is preparing the dual-SIM I8262 Galaxy Core mid-ranger with 1.2GHz dual-core CPU.

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  • vishwas

it is good for rough using

  • vishwas

it is good for rough using

  • Sanjoy

Hi friends, I am using this phone for 2 months, I am really enjoying this. Some people r talking about battery back up, but u know the latest smart phone takes little bit extra power to run those huge application. And the hard were are far better than micromax. Simply this phone is great in this budgets.

  • SD

samsung galaxy core gt i8262.it is good..now I m useing it.

  • kumar

mary, 23 Oct 2013hi friends, i think buy this phone ya another phone ,plz tell m... moreGalaxy core is a gd phone. It has 1gb ram & also dual core processor. So you can buy dis phone.

  • mary

hi friends, i think buy this phone ya another phone ,plz tell me this is good or not,because i buy only for skype,google talk ,yahoo massenger ,fb,plz tell me plz ,which ph good for me

  • champ

in Samsung and it is always coming some problem like ram dumb error so what to do

  • ahmad

do it support otg cable and usb host?

  • om


  • bishwo370

Ar-Abe, 25 Apr 2013I swear I saw a same spec phone with a different design and name... moreyes I am 100 % agree with you.

  • biju

Why there no high end dual sim phones?

man ina, 03 May 2013quad sim is popular in the Phililppines do u mean sim reader? lol!

  • kazim

configuration is not very high as compare to price,only samsung tag is price,if the price in the range of 200-225 euros it will also hit in pakistan

  • man ina

quad sim is popular in the Phililppines

  • Anonymous

768 RAM? You lost me. Even the Chinese phones start at 2GB, like Jiayu G4 and Oppo. Samsung still stuck in 2011 and is under-estimating the Chinese onslaught.


dual sim is also very popular in pakistan.

Val Sai, 27 Apr 2013Dual sim is boring...Dual SIM is very popular in Brazil.

Dual sim is boring...

  • Anonymous

dual sim card slot that makes the ph like china phones

  • Anonymous

offence, 26 Apr 2013Too expensive,I can buy a NEW Galaxy S3 with that money. (Malaysia)Yeap agree S3 is already selling for 1.4K, after the launch of S4 tommorrow, anticipate S3 price will drop further, since Note 3 is too expect some where in June/July meaning we can expect S3 to sell at 1.2-1.3K by then.