Alleged specs of Sony Honami and Togari flagships leak

29 April, 2013
Both phones will have 1080p displays, Jelly Bean, water resistance, available July in Japan.

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  • Georgio Martinez

Has no camera flash

  • Georgio Martinez

Wrong. (Some of) Your Specs are wrong. I have Togari in my hands now. The camera res is lower than your expectations.

  • Georgio Martinez

Wrong. (Some of) Your Specs are wrong. I have Togari in my hands now. The camera res is lower than your expectations.

  • emez

it is a shame that sony buy Ericsson company, about 2year's now sony never announce walkman phone they keep on making xperia G C D A TZ LS H Z J U Y S Q & ZL,imagine xperia z and others coming with walkman application the music is not loud Sony make separate walkman phone or let honami come with it

  • Ashish

Sony shoul compete the samsung galaxy note 510 8" version, there is no option in sony to have a 8" phablet, with voice calls, SMS and MMS,with Stylus.
Sony shoud think upon...

  • Rowen

I have been saving up to purchase a ZL and to get this news is absolutely stunning. I preferred the ZL to the Z due to many reviews stating the Z had poor call quality. I also didn't particularly need water-proof since I don't plan on using my phone in the shower or anything weird like that. I am a light phone user. My biggest disappointment when I finally held a ZL up close was the cheap looking SIm storage on the back of the phone. It is more noticeable than the battery pack of a television remote in the black version of the phone, so you know it looks like a train wreck in red and white. Meanwhile, I was one of the folks that held out before buying a Windows 8 computer. Now that I know it sucks, I'm glad. Who knows? maybe 8.1 will be a hit. Either way, I am excited about this fall. Potentionally, I could be getting a truly marvelous laptop and phone.

JJUNG, 01 May 2013and LG optimus G2 will kill them all!! HAHAHA LG ROCkS!!The togari and lg optimus g2 is about same spec. I think sammy got a bit of upper hand with galaxy note 3.

The togari won't sale too much, since it will rival galaxy note 3. While honami will be a huge success, as it doesn't have any rivals, samsung's upcoming gs4 zoom is a low spec cameraphone.

  • antuting

Samsung and HTC are really very fast on the draw but look at their models, it is so cheaply built and so crappy made. Sony is the epitome of premium in the anddoid smartphone. Its not all that hype that matters, but rather the full integration of the concept. Look at blackberry z10, its not quad core, but the implementation of the system, hardware and software, is second to none. However, at the opposite and extreme is the apple iphone: everything is OUTDATED, cheap hardware circa 2006, cheap os circa 2005, cheaply built suppplied by bangladeshi small press shop, cheap materials from bangladeshi junkyard, ultra cheapo recycled aluminum and dirt cheapo tempered glass, [no premium Japanese asahi glass and premium ceramic synthetic materials like Sony xperia Z], ITS ALL CRAPPY CHEAPO AND OBSOLETE, that those, a few who bought ones are really nitwits.

  • deo biet

So here they are, Xperia Cybershot and Xperia Walkman. Welcome back Sony

  • Never A Fanboy

1walkman, 2cybershot, 01 May 2013I know that this post talks about a combined model - which is bo... moreSony Ericsson Satio u1 was both a Walkman and CyberShot device so this has already been tried and its not a surprise if its repeated because in my opinion last time it was successful

i think cpu only will use snapdragon 600,not Snapdragon 800 , sony always slow, other company's flagship ALREADY use snapdragon 600, but sony's flagship ONLY use s4 pro

THE TRUTH, 29 Apr 2013this would be the death for LG Optimus g pro, s4 and htc oneand LG optimus G2 will kill them all!! HAHAHA LG ROCkS!!

  • MCMC

Gubs, 01 May 2013I don't think any Samsung's smartphone use Sony's sensors but (s... morePrimary sensor of Samsung GS4 is SONY's IMX135.

  • Anonymous

GSMARENA thanks for info. 20mgpixel cybershot camera on a mobilephone .and more innovations .. thats the way to go .. GSMARENA -CAN YOU NOW please keep abusive self appointed sony fanboys JUVENILES off gsmarena forums -PLEASE- keep gsmarena forums "clean" as you say ..thank you .

  • 1walkman, 2cybershot

Anonymous, 29 Apr 2013I'm not good in english, but i think you too misinterpreted what... moreI know that this post talks about a combined model - which is both a Walkman and a CyberShot. but I think that this is wrong, and that there would be two separate devices - one that is a Walkman and one that is a CyberShot. this is my opinion - it contrasts this post.

  • Anonymous

The 16 and 20 MP cmos sensors rumored here are PROPER Cybershot modules, google around, and you'll find that no phone camera has anything on a Cybershot Digital Camera with Carl Zeiss optics, it's not just a superfluous gain, but a big step-up from ANY mobile camera sensor (including iphone 5, GS3/4, HTC One). If Sony goes with such a sensor, AND adds a Walkman quality amp (and hopefully a DAC aswell), then this just might be my perfect phone. I sure hope these rumors are true, and I'd prefer a 5" 1080p display over any 4.x" display.

  • Gubs

Jack, 30 Apr 2013Please Sony, don't get over aggressive with your noise reduction... moreI don't think any Samsung's smartphone use Sony's sensors but (some) iPhones do.. and yes any iPhone's camera can produce way better pictures than any Xperia's camera. What a shame..

Clinton, 30 Apr 2013I was wondering how no one else seemed to have noticed that. Had... moreD nxt batch of flagships should have 16-20 MP cams! Hwvr, it's really superfluous 2 increase d MP count without better sensors! I'd prefer the 8 MP snapper on Galaxy S3 to the 13 MP on d S4 cos of it's wider FOV! V need better OPTICS, not jst bigger resolutions n that includes better noise reduction, improved low light imaging, wider FOV, improved OIS, higher effective ISO range n d list goes on! HTC tried playng a very cool hand 2 one up d competition with their "Ultrapixel" gimmick, but it's a pathetic failure!

[deleted post]Ac2ly, Ericsson had a lot 2 do wth Sony mobiles 4 many years till Sony decided 2 go solo with their mobiles (and ri8ly so)! They're finally beginning 2 launch some devices which r @ least in some way worthy of d Sony name! They still have a long, long way 2 go! As 4 NOkia, I really hope they don't have 2 go back 2 their timber mill roots- Lumia, as d name suggests seems 2 b their last ray of hope,but, their choice of a lame, dull, brick n tile OS like WP isn't helping their cause n neither is their unattractive pricing! If NOkia really wanna capture more market share they should ideally sell their flagships @ no more than 60% d price of other flagships, given d fact that their offerings r so few n far 4m alluring! Ri8 now Blackberry r NOkia's closest cousins!