The Jolla smartphone is now official, priced at 399

20 May, 2013
The phone runs Sailfish OS, which according to Jolla, is compatible with Android apps.

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  • Suvham

I don't think Jolla will succeed in anytime soon. It's going to be very hard for them as there are a lot of amazing phones out there. If Nokia created this phone with the hardware that they are currently using in their Lumia series, like camera, it would've been one of the successful phones. The other half is a great concept. I really like the design of this phone. It's very unique, and it's what differentiates it from other same looking phones. If Jolla wants to be successful then they should definitely do something amazing. They have a best OS, no doubts about it but some changes has to be made like designing the icons beautifully and uniquely which will be able to be the center of attention. They need specs like: 5'' 720p/1080p HD display with some nice display engine and some sort of protection, a nice sound engine, slim and attractive design, at least 8 or 12 MP camera with some a xenon flash and some good lens and camera lens protector, all the latest technologies and beautifully designed icons. They need to develop some quality games and apps. They need a great hardware. They need to ship accessories like a full qwerty keyboard which can be attached to the phone for fast typing, gamepad, case, an immense flash light and camera lens. Nokia, Samsung and many other smartphone manufactures got a huge popularity in India. If they can settle in India, sell amazing phones then they will rule here. Hope they create some high end hardware supported phone with this OS in near future. I'm surely gonna try this phone as soon as someone releases it in here.. Can't wait. Love Jolla.

Anonymous, 23 May 2013seems to me what you are saying is bul....twhat you have written in ** you should it that in breakfast,launch and dinner.....

  • 007_bond

Thank you Jolla. I pre-ordered. Now hurry up... take my money and bring it to me!!!

  • Anonymous

MR bitchplease, 23 May 2013do you know why design is like that ? bcauz of other half ,othe... moreAmazing if thts true,would be great with a real keyboard

  • Anonymous

Working Element, 23 May 2013Its all Nokia strategy.... to dump meego because that was the hi... moreseems to me what you are saying is bul....t

papawinx, 22 May 2013It should be seamless to the front and snap on back cover, other... moredo you know why design is like that ? bcauz of other half ,other half is not just about different colors , u can change the other half of the phone to physical keyboard or xenon flash or gamepad or battery pack+speakers or... u can buy any accessories u want and change the other half of u'r phone , sry for my bad english guyz

Its all Nokia strategy.... to dump meego because that was the high point to decide whether nokia should go for meego or windows.. nokia was not able to embed that meego os in low budget smart phones like what Lumia 520 offers($180) and symbian was offering ex(6230,6233)..A Os which cant be embed in to a low budget smart phones is of no use even if its a great OS.. meego demands a great hardware.. And nokia can't sustain on only high budget meego smartphones..So thats why nokia dropped meego and adopt windows..And there was commitment from nokia that nokia will only focus on windows....So thats why Nokia announced a news that the N9 would be a last meego from nokia and nokia dropped meego with their awesome creators just to clear microsoft that they would be focussing only on feature phones and windows smart phones no 3rd Os..So its a strategy to drop meego with their creators so that they can carry forward their work where they have left with a new company name and still meego work is in progress.. and it is nokia who is financing internally Sailfish..I am sure that sooner or later you will be hearing a news that Nokia acquired SailFish if windows phone fail in achieving their expectations..

  • glim12808

Too expensive at the price of Euro399 or $512. If they get carrier subsidy, they'll be able to sell some units otherwise not very much units will move. Most Nokia fans have moved on to android so I doubt most of them will be getting the Jolla. The remaining Nokia fans who are Lumia fans will not be getting this either.

  • Anonymous

TellULater, 22 May 2013I wonder who made the hardware? RIM (AKA Blackberry) was the fir... moreGood, valid, and interesting question from you. Hope someone can figure out the answers.

  • Anonymous

This is definitely the heir to the throne of Nokia N9 MeeGo, presented with proud by former Nokia Employees and engineers.

  • pandora

I guessing does this phone will work on Verizon?

so this is what the Meego-powered N9 would have evolved into had Nokia not dropped it...

  • Albloushi

Amazing design, I didn't knew that they will be capable of designing such mobile in these days where most of the vendors copies from each other.
Besides the OS, which is smooth and doesn't require such high specs.
Wish for them best success and to be the #1.

I've just pre-ordered Jolla cellphone and this mnthend im buying another N9...

So happy, hope they'll allow me to buy more than 1 when their phone gets available...

  • R.kumar

PL2, 22 May 2013This has nothing to do with Nokia. Jolla is a company setup by e... moreWhere u read that these r x-employee of nokia?

shree, 22 May 2013I agree.. It will be tough for Nokia to sustain... moving from M... moreThis has nothing to do with Nokia. Jolla is a company setup by ex Nokia employees. Nokia dumped MeeGo and these staff along with it. What goes around comes around!

Excellent news. This is what Nokia should have been doing, instead of messing about with Windows Phone. It will be good to have another player in the market. If this takes off Nokia will sink even further. They may live to regret the day they dropped MeeGo.

Well done nokia!!!
Alternative for wp hater

actually I loved the N900