Samsung trying OIS for the Galaxy Note III camera

28 May, 2013
Rumor also has it that users will be able to edit photos with the S Pen, right after they've shot them.

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  • Anonymous

Samsung once again to steal ideas from the competition. Lack of innovation.

  • Anonymous

Simply superb, magnificent. Samsung = The Best

  • Anonymous

fush n chups, 28 May 2013Don't expect a new design on Note3. Just think of what they did on S4.Cell phone will become like wheels of a car - basis shape will remain the same - size and tread (design) will have some modifications depending on their purpose.

  • Anonymous

The best phablet.

Best software , feature rich phone, camera phone, power saver phone, most efficient, best in synthetic benchmarks section, and innovative features from .

But just like its lineup.

Poor design, not compact , not premium finish, as light as a toy.

Actually im neither samsung fanboy nor Samsung hater. Im not a fanboy of any phone manufacturer . I bought,buy and will buy phones which i tested and rated good as others.

Don't get mad at me , im just telling the truth. Everybody knows Samsung is best in almost all aspects except its poor hardware.

note 3 must have
* 3gb ram
*16mp camera( like galaxy cam)
*water proof, dust resistant
*wireless keyboard,mouse support
*64gb+ not less internal memory.
else will compete with its own models and will fail.....

What is matter if Nokia has used OIS technology, it is not own property, neither patent, not even their invention.

Nice logic. Someone does something good others must not do it because is not innovative. Following those thoughts we would have been a few decades behind in technology.

  • docsal

Currently I am on my 4th iPhone and looking to see what to get next. This sounds like a good option.

I was given access to a Note 2 today and I was astonished at how much better it was than an iPhone.

Ok the screen is bigger, but proper multitasking, intelligent picture taking, voice control that worked better.

I couldn't see a downside.

The Note 2 would quite easily replace my iPhone and iPad.

Zag, 28 May 2013agreed...this phone will fail...sell a few million pieces...that... moreNoway, they do everything more than Nokia. Look at wireless charging, L920 needs 80 minutes to fully charge, S4 needs 300 minutes

L820 has 1gb ram and dual core and needs 8 seconds to open my favorite game, S3 has 2gb ram and quad core and needs 35 seconds to do that. Samsung' a winner in many aspects

  • Naba Islam


  • Zag

agreed...this phone will fail...sell a few million pieces...that's it...epic fail!

Don't expect a new design on Note3. Just think of what they did on S4.

  • Anonymous

Samsung tryharding again. And after bashing other brands for their 'original' tech.

  • Anonymous

"We are pondering who to copy for our next phone, with so many to choose from, we will try and copycat the one who will not sue us."

Anonymous, 28 May 2013Like OIS was Nokia's invention...When someone has just recently introduced that feature and you followed suit thereafter, that's copying. Samsung could've used a different approach for their camera smartphones since they run camera business themselves but obviously they lack good and innovative ideas so they went the easiest route. Watch what others are doing and blatantly copy them.

  • Muscatv1n

Anonymous, 28 May 2013Like OIS was Nokia's invention...OIS was first adopted by Nokia in smartphones, OIS has been around a long time. Nokia does not own the patent. Remember, nothing is original!!

  • Anonymous

Note 3 must come Dual SIM for the unlocked ones.

Anonymous, 28 May 2013Like OIS was Nokia's invention...Maybe not, but putting OIS on a smartphone certainly WAS!

Actually when you think about it, putting ANY CAMERA on a phone was a Nokia first..

Anonymous, 28 May 2013Like OIS was Nokia's invention...they aren't copying Nokia's tech, but Nokia's strategy, ridiculous samdung

Nokia's goose is cooked when they adopted that b*stard mobile OS WP. This is just the seasoning from Samsung. Go Samsung! Go Android! Go open architecture! :-D