Rumor: the screen of next iPhone will have twice as many pixels

28 May, 2013
That would mean a resolution of about 905 x 1606, which would result in a total of 1.5M surface pixels.

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I'm thinking about all this and i cannot understand.. The year is almost 2014... Where is the future for a God Sake ? The war is everywhere.. Children are dying across the world.. People cant afford to buy food but they have free wi-fi spot... Where is the future i've read about in the books in my childhood. Where is the Star Exploration...Where is the Moon and Mars expeditions... Who need all this crappy smartphones...just to throw money every year for new plastic without actually get in return something really WOW thing... The Humanity is getting far from the Stars and become socially and technically disabled to the local world... all these news about new phones every day is one hell of a crap... dont judge me too much..i have an urology exam today..but humanity is more important to me by now..

  • Anonymous

xperianxt, 29 May 2013Uh huh, iPhone over Galaxy all dayLOL please refrain from commenting until you understand technology

This is pathetic.Who cares about pixels ? Retina,Super Retina,Very Super Retina... Apple is sick..They cant understand we need functionality ? Completely New OS 7 will be much appreciated with new functions,new design,all functions like in Galaxy series at least to be something competitive not because this is Apple but because it is the best thing money can buy...

Anonymous, 28 May 2013Apple phones are still the best phone around, unlike the slappy ... moreWake up! It's mid 2013 already. Do you know that the smartphone screen sizes these days are already 5 inches packed with over 440 ppi pixel density against iphone's 326 ppi on a 4 inches screen? Do you know that you no longer need to touch your phone just to make it work?

  • Manish

yes whats the point of increasing the pixels over 300 ppi when you can't find any difference it only increases load on GPU

Anonymous, 28 May 2013Really? If you mean by "lost" making about twice the ... moreIf I said "lost" I did not mean financial gains. I meant smartphone race as to who has now the best technology and innovation. Obviously, Apple has been left behind. Now, since that you insist talking about financial matters, do you know that the ingredients to big profit gains relies on the success of it's products that's equipped with better technology and innovation? I'm sure you had witnessed that happened to Apple before. But since that the smartphone race is so fast that every year new technologies and innovations come, Apple seemed to have stuck with its outdated UI and phone features and instead concentrated on litigations. Sum up all these things coupled with Apple's lack of innovation, this is then what Apple got: a downhill Apple stock.

Kenny, 29 May 2013Hell No..After I dump my Iphone and pick up Galaxy S4...Iphone i... moreUh huh, iPhone over Galaxy all day

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Well some people like have something different in their eyes. I can clearly see the pixels on my iPhone and my brothers 352 PPI xperia S.
and we'll this resolution is better 1080p video playback.

  • Prima

440 ppi? that's a lot of pixels you guys, Apple is proven to always innovate, go Apple!!!

They Should go for 900 x 1600 , if scaling is factor they can go 1.5 bigger on each dimension so 960 x 1707 or 1536 x 864 which match the dpi of 1080x1920 5" screens (~440.5)

  • Professor Frink

The Cosmicist, 28 May 2013Well then why doesn't Tim Cook step down and make you the CEO? Y... moreAlthough I appreciate good sarcasm, are these type of improvements not what the public has been seeing since the iphone debut..I`m not telling you anything you should not already know. Look at the progression of the Iphone and tell me I am wrong..

  • Kenny

Anonymous, 28 May 2013Apple phones are still the best phone around, unlike the slappy ... moreHell No..After I dump my Iphone and pick up Galaxy S4...Iphone is a joke

  • Orange

Man features features that's what you need to keep in the race not pixels , I'd worry about pixels in my 50 inch TV not in a tiny phone.

  • ardniban

poor apple troller .they pretending the apple catch up is years behind in real tech world.

  • mr.m

i will buy iphone 5 for next week,after read this news,should i buy iphone5 or wait for the next iphone

  • Anonymous

Kebbot, 29 May 2013Why wont they double up their battery life insted doubling the p... morei agree... or else just give us removeable battery within extra battery kit charger like samsung did :-)

PL2, 28 May 2013As most people have been saying the screen needs to be bigger no... moreAgree with that comment wholeheartedly,saying it for ages.

PL2, 28 May 2013And £699 for 32 GB when you can pick up a 16 GB SD card fo... moreAbsolutly spot on with that comment.

What's the point of all these friggin pixels? It just drives the cost of the phone up more, and we can't even see detail difference from about 300+ppi (let's say 350ppi to be safe). Can't they spend time doing something that we can actually benefit from? Sigh

  • Kebbot

Why wont they double up their battery life insted doubling the pixel.......