LG KC780 emerges, 8 MP photos and D1 videos on board

09 Oct, 2008
After a bunch of leaked photos over the last couple of weeks, the KC780 officially joins the LG sharp-shooter ranks. Succeeding the afforadble LG KC550, the KC780 is aiming at the mid-range market....

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  • Magiclink

Where is the review of the LG KC910 ?

  • Deo james

The problem of that phone is that it shoot video at 30fps only compared to LG KU990 which is capable of shooting video at 120fps

  • Bigdoe

arrogant, 10 Oct 2008since when did nokia beat apple, blackberry, and htc at smartphones?Of course apple iphone 3g is all about touch.N95 8gb vs apple,n95 wins by functions & customisation camera & connectivity,HTC touch diamond crushes most of time tho better than Iphone.LG No operating systems.

  • rondo

arrogant, 10 Oct 2008since when did nokia beat apple, blackberry, and htc at smartphones?Pleeeease! Blackberry and apple, pfffttt, don't make me laugh! HTC is a real smartphone maker but apple and blackberry??? Where do you live???

  • arrogant

bigdoe, 10 Oct 2008still not smartphone.LG we need smartphone.Thats where nokia bea... moresince when did nokia beat apple, blackberry, and htc at smartphones?

  • Anonymous

Not too impressed with the looks, but i suppose its couple of milestones with D1 video recording and being an uber slim 8MP camera phone, hopefully a smaller sensor size (which jeopardises photo quality by adding noise) for the camera is not used.

  • bigdoe

still not smartphone.LG we need smartphone.Thats where nokia beats them all.

  • brynn

Include 3g,,vga screen,,tv out sdhc compatible and good ram and i would consider

  • qpwoei

Ya, Ya want to see that D1@30fps, I have LG KC550 cheap camera phone, just like this only with 5Mpx, that has in written in the box D1@30fps video recording capability and does it do ? Only crappy 15fps 3gp. They even don't care to make a firmware update to correct this... and are already launching other phone with D1@30fps.
I also thought LG was to be trusted.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 09 Oct 2008looks very bulky. Should have been more sleek. Lg slide up is bi... morexenon flash??????????????????
this is mid end we are talking about!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Power2B

Nice phone and very thin for a 8MP camera phone...Its the first slide phone by LG with 8MP camera so it's just a try...we should wait for the future slide phones with 8 MP.

I love my LG Secret with 5 MP wich is really camera phone and the style rocks.

  • Anonymous

looks very bulky. Should have been more sleek. Lg slide up is bit flimsy.
Should have supported xenon flash

  • Anonymous

I suppose the D1 video recording isn't another marketing gag like the LG KC550. They said the same about it and all it ever did was to record in D1 at slow 15 fps.

If same thing happens here, then it would be lame

  • T-bone

Harish, 09 Oct 2008looks bad indeed...but expect it to be cheap as usual with a LGI have always had a good experience with LG handsets since the Viewty, sure their older handsets were pretty flimsy, but my Viewty (1 year old) has been through some scrapes and still functions flawlessly. I think I'll plump for the Renior next...who knows!!!

  • Anonymous

D1 Video,720x480@30fps wow that is impressive on a mid range phone, no wifi but i bet the price is great. Impressed at LG's latest phones however i get this feeling that pretty much every 8MP phone except for the Samsung i8510 all the others are just attemps these days a OS which is popular can go a long way...noone every says it but Nokia made the market why do you think the greatest mobile OS is on Samsung greatest phone...Nokia is gonna rule again...could be for the last time or could be just another domination....later homies

  • Thomas

They really need to start bring out good flip mobile phones. They all look the same these days. They should copy the look of Japanese mobiles

  • Vaan

The looks of this phone does not match with it's functionality, I think it's LG's try on making this a bestseller like the Samsung G600 was hehe(it's a compliment).

  • Harish

looks bad indeed...but expect it to be cheap as usual with a LG

  • Anonymous

Not the best looking handset but an 8Mp camera for a midrange handset is quite impressive!