Aluminum shell of unannounced Nokia lumia device leaks

14 June, 2013
A metal shell of an unannounced Nokia device leaked, hinting of another Lumia device in the making.

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  • ramur

let get straight. the edges corner of this phone is sharp and theres a huge hump at back which i dont like, ive seen it.. forget it guys..

  • brnare

at last, here comes the proper cameraphone! it's not a joke since we saw the whooping 41 megapixel pureview back in 2012... i am interested to buy this WP8 pureview device...!

In previous leak It was written carl zeiss instead only Zeiss. fake?

  • lumia owner

[deleted post]perhaps you haven't used any lumia yet. LOL

  • cansta

I think that is only shell. On picture it seems it's left unfinished to paint or polycarbonate stick. Early leaks camera ring is plastic and that is metal.

7.11 we know!

  • lance

maybe this is a prototype of the Lumia 950. i will have a sensor larger than the sensor found in the Lumia 925 and with a higher megapixel count

  • Anonymous

Photoshop'd as always! :/

  • Carol

This Chinese people destroy every surprise... Nokia, you should have never gone to China!

nokia rocks? No! NOKIA METAL! Pureview camera+pureview screen = eos

  • Anonymous

Now this is what I've been wainting for... Go NOKIA!

yes, it rocks!