Limited Edition Vertu Ti Colors goes on sale in red and blue

23 June, 2013
Made from grade 5 Titanium, only 1000 units of this special edition Vertu Ti Colors will be made.

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  • Scoop

Seriously you should steer clear from things that are not in your league...TO ALL THOSE MOANING ABOUT THE PRICE>>>>
This is all about what you can afford to flaunt!! surely some people have very deep pockets that you can probably imagine & these are TOYS FOR THE BIG BOYS!!

  • muhammad

nostalgic, 24 Jun 2013i wonder if they could sell 5 of these :/i was living in gcc countries, they buy thousands of this phone as they are rich

  • Heretic

this thing is even uglier than the lumia phones

  • commentators

Perfectly right vertu markerter! That why there is gold diamond varian by iphone or samsung. Didn't you read the article i wrote. If vertu can outstand the display and durability of samsung,the sensor of leica ,the audio of sony, the battery life of motorolla, i am sure with your good material n brand will go good even at $20000. Please make a common sense when commenting

i wonder if they could sell 5 of these :/

commentators, 24 Jun 2013To vertu : samsung or iphone is making more money than you . Fee... moreThey don't need to increase sales. iPhone and Samsung are NOT premium, you can't say you have a premium phone if you have something that 50 million other people already have.

  • commentators

To vertu : samsung or iphone is making more money than you . Feel sorry for you being critized by people here. Here some input for you change your marketing style. Go back to the basic need of people what is that. 1st durability and endurance of product 2nd going for smart phones speed is essential go for intel 3rd premium phones display,camera,battery life and audio has to be top notch 4rd real premium phones like iphone n samsung is realeasing now gold diomond varian for rich people. Vertu has to go step by step to increase sales not to find short cut n end up being laughed by people. Technology like phones or car is not like watch or fashion which can be sold has to go step by step. Look at the success story of samsung, mercedes benz, apple or ferrari then you will be succesful.

  • commentators

Tell you the truth rich people like buffet or george soros if they really own it , they are being given by vertu freely to enhance hollywood celebrity to buy as there are idol to follow just a markerting strategy. Who will actually buy a low spec phones at that high price so stupid

  • MSKO6

Anyway it's design looks way better than Galaxy S4 !

  • vertu commentators

Those of you who has ever seen vertu phones will absolutely agree with me. Their screen is not better than chinese oppo find 5 phones not to mention samsung superamoled is far too go 2nd their audio or camera quality not better than chinese htc one 3rd their battery life is not better than motorola maxx 4rd their service centre n the availibilty of parts is not better than samsung or nokia which has many branch on each city.

  • commentators

Hi some people here looks like stupid vertu marketer. Note this to your bos! You claim your brand n material is expensive i absolutely agree but which is more important in a phone the machine or the body is just like a car. Samsung or iphones has showed quality in their machines in their cheap plastic body. Vertu which is produce in small scale has a smaller experience than the giant company which makes mass production,i am not completely convinced with vertu machined phones quality.2nd the spec is far too low.

Drop test,Drop test,Drop test........

  • commentators

Stupid people will buy this stupid phones. Rich people like buffet will buy specification n brand. Those people will buy samsung or iphones in gold diomond varian than vertu. Why . Only middle class people like you guys wants this low spec phones for showing off.

Vertu phones have indestructible hardware....and its only for rich among the richest people like Ambani or Buffet..... I phones are cheap and piece of front of this phone... People who think of iphones as classy and status symbol products...think again.. If anyone wants to show off or show their richness and status symbol than buy this phone(if you can) ...not iphone. . Cause it has nthnig to show off....

If I have the fortune to buy this kind of luxury I would not need a phone for my self. My personal helper and secretaries will do everything for me 24/7. That's what luxury means.

Can I drive this to campus?

Anonymous, 24 Jun 2013This is for those only 1000 rich people. If you're not one of th... moreYes, and this is all good, but with weak hardware - years behind current models (even budget models from small chinese and indian manufacturers) - it's pretty pointless to buy one.

  • umi

all this for a crap looking set ?? take my words, they'r gonna have a tough time finding those stupid 1000 people. And yes, most of them would be women recieving it in gifts,,

Who is rich and stupid enough to buy this? With that money, I can buy 15 Galaxy S4's... What screams more "I'm rich, you're not" than breaking your S4 in public and be like "meeh" and pull a new one from your pocket?

  • Anonymous

This is for those only 1000 rich people. If you're not one of them don't comment. Vertu makes indestructible phones. The materials used to make this phone are rock solid, even if you drop it mistakenly twenty or thirty times, nothing would happen. This is also a status symbol.