Leaked Moto X video ad shows the phone has a few neat tricks

14 July, 2013
A leaked Moto X video ad reveals always-on voice commands and a new gesture to start the camera.

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  • Anonymous

""Either this kid is really fast, or today’s phones are really slow."

LOL @ Moto!!

Will it have a xenon...? If yes than you can "capture the moment"; but there is nothing new (808 PureView, Lumia 928, Lumia 1020...)!! :P

  • ragbi

a more detailed hands-on video of Moto X from china


I don't see what all the slagging off is about, at no point did any press release say this was going to be the flagship phone spec's wise, so people shooting their mouths off regarding this are pointlessly chatting rubbish.

The device is aimed at the budget ground with good enough hardware to run day to day apps, if you spend all day on you're phone playing games fine get the s4 or one swiftly followed by a PC or console to play proper games on.

Seems like a great device for people on a budget ( students / low paid jobs ) its capable to play movies surf the web play you're standard games and brows the web at a suitable pace.

You don't need 20XX's octal-core CPU to do these things that most normal people do.

If its priced well like the N4 it will fly of shelves and 20quid contracts.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 15 Jul 2013says the fanboy of the already dead OS... Lame!!Dead? I think your drunk. WP8 is devloping and it has Nokia goodies. So it's cool for me

  • Anonymous

Aparadectos, 15 Jul 2013It seems as attractice as the girl it presents it... Ok, i admi... moreWell said on all points.

I love how Google previously complained that Moto's droids weren't keeping up, only to releases their own with hardware that's easily 18months old.

  • Scoop

They should make the phone in such a way that by the 4th twist of your wrist it should be able to change the specs!!! HAHAHHAHAHA

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 15 Jul 2013Guess what? Time to move to Windows phone OS as there's much fea... moresays the fanboy of the already dead OS... Lame!!

  • uni

shadylanem, 15 Jul 2013Will such guerrilla marketing help much when Moto already pulled... moreWell that is a big question. Asia is a very large market & not catering it will be one of the most stupid thing they have done...

  • Anonymous

Guess what? Time to move to Windows phone OS as there's much features which are less crappy than this. Android will die soon. Yawn

  • Anonymous

16gb/8gb no slot. Google trademark

Motorola had the best looking phones and was ahead of the rest till 2008.But then god knows wat happened.Good to see it bounce back!!!
But sadly GOOGLE owns it now!!!

  • SRK

Anonymous, 15 Jul 2013Crap.. motorola should not spill their beans so fast!.. Soon ... moreFor your info... the rotate to open camera option is already available in Galaxy NOTE 1...

with all those active functions it better have a HUGE battery.. please please please please please!

razrmonk, 15 Jul 2013hope this will reach philippines or asia. time to replace my razrSame here, and to Norway.

If the previously leaked photos showed correct exif, then it will have better than 1/2500 shutter speed. Not sure how much better though :)

  • Anonymous

Aparadectos, 15 Jul 2013It seems as attractice as the girl it presents it... Ok, i admi... moreby touch anywhere to take a photo, i think it means only when the camera app is turned on.

  • Anonymous

Crap.. motorola should not spill their beans so fast!..

Soon you will see tons of s-features that looks very similar to these..

Beware of the king of copying.

It seems as attractice as the girl it presents it...
Ok, i admit it, i had high excpections on this.
When we first heard of it, it was rumored to have stellar specs and features.
Now the specs seem updated and i really doubted the features could compensate.
So this how Motorolla planned to compete with Apple?
They have added an always on mic, exactly how M$ did with the always on kinnect cam and mic, they must be taking a sponsosrship deal from NSA to monitor citizens and update prism...
Are there still chasing Siri here? And anyways, this only aims at US and UK clients, just like M$ and Apple, i am sure that language support will be horrible...
And why would anyone want to have his screen awoken by the those push notifications when having the phone in his pocket? Why aste battery and risk an unlock?
The vibration and led light should be enough, sound notification at max, but NOT turning on my screen!
Press anywhere to make fotos? I guess half of the photos taken will be by accident, you will twist your hand to put your mobile in the pocket, the camera will automatically open and make photos where ever you touch it...
And losely zoomed photos, as you no longer can choose the focus point, as it seems
Really really dissapointing...

  • weh

i noticed that most people are so bitter with motorola, why?

What's new in this phone?? I do not see anything to crave for this phone. There is much more functionalities in the existing Xperia Z, Htc One, S4 and Lumia 925. Some people are so partisan to google that if google brings old wine in new bottle then those people will say "Wow, what an invention"..fooh!

Oh, so when a cell phone has an always on mic the world doesnt go crazy but when the new xbox has its like the end of the world for privacy.. just a thought