Press image of Verizon's mid-range LG Enact surfaces

21 July, 2013
The press image of the Verizon's upcoming mid-range smartphone has been leaked.

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  • Anonymous

Each and every phone comes unique features and price which suits our budget if lg is growing help them to grow their mid range section

Why do you people have to be such a troll about it then? Great, so you're an Apple fanboy now, and I am not here to condemn you. But are you sure this is the place to post this kind of useless crap?

There are people out there who consider a budget phone like this perfect for them. In fact, it is a perfect budget phone. How often do you see a low-mid ranger with a S400 SoC?

  • qoo

Anonymous, 21 Jul 2013Lol. Looks like nobody's intrested about this crap. Pity LGa man is known by the words he says

  • Anonymous

LG bought WebOS and many OS has been inspired by WebOS. Now, LG is going to make Windows Phone 8, which in my opinion will only cause LG to lose some money. When one thinks of Windows Phone, Nokia comes to play and Nokia has many exclusive games and apps for their Lumias and better camera technology. I don't think LG would be successful in Windows Phone market as it is completely Nokia's ground. However, it would be cool to try it out first for LG and then decide. Even Micromax has committed to make Windows phones. LG should revive WebOS and put it into a powerful phone. That would be a game changer.

Never gonna buy stupid LG again! Worst experience ever! #optimus 3dmax

  • noiib

Never buying a LG device again. Dissapointed by LG's devices and the whole android. Switched to APPLE and happy about it.

Human, 21 Jul 2013LG and SAMSUNG are doing the same thing using cheap chinese phon... moreThat's racist. You should know by now that Samsung is the one that is flooding the market with entry level phones.

  • Anonymous

Looks good.
Said nobody.

  • tab

menu button there?

  • Human

LG and SAMSUNG are doing the same thing using cheap chinese phones ugly design

  • Anonymous

Lol. Looks like nobody's intrested about this crap. Pity LG

  • Anonymous

Nothing new nothing innovative. Specs are so 2009