Two new LG G2 live photos leak, confirm battery capacity

24 July, 2013
The photos show the front and back of the device, including the 5.2" 1080p display and 2,610mAh battery.

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Amir, 07 Aug 2013xperia honami will be a better device then the lg g2. way better... moreOh, you are so clueless

  • Amir

xperia honami will be a better device then the lg g2. way better design, camera, battery (3000). enough said.

I hope there is a G2 mini with a removable battery and micro sd slot. The moto x multiple processors and 24 hour active usage battery life seems the next best thing. A moto x with removable battery and micro sd slot would have been perfect. Now, I have to hope a G2 mini comes like the Droid mini, i.e. same as the flagship droids but just smaller screen.

All the LG Fans here commented too excessive.. Don't forget that technology will always develop, so there's no perfect smartphones.. You guys comment like this product are perfect.. We will see about that when all the each brand flagship product is released..

Gosh! I was so excited with Sony's products like the newly released Z Ultra and the upcoming Honami but when ZU got released, I was disappointed with the camera with no flash! After that, I was no longer interested with the Honami and I have been seeing leaks that the sensor isn't that good so rather than have a phone for photography but will only do average plus expensive price tag then I would rather go for something that's not camera centric but does well in photography than what you expect it to be and have a budget friendly flagship with the best screen! IPS is the real thing and LG G2 is the king! Hail LG! You are really rocking guys! I believe now that you are the real future champion and not Sony nor Sammy. Sony is doing better than in the past but I prefer LG now coz of the reasons I have mentioned and Sammy is just starting to mess up with their GS4 model, they do not know what chipset to put inside. I think they are cost cutting their customers so instead of releasing a new design and name, just put a new generation of hardware inside the phone and let us mimic Apple with their iPhones! 3G vs 3GS, 4 vs 4S, 5 vs the rumored 5S and so on! Sammy so innovative! HTC should stop the Ultrapixel marketing gimmick coz it $ucks. They should do it like the other OEMS do, stick with the megapixel and improve the camera software for better image quality then they'll be good. I like Butterfly S' style and look especially the battery but Snapdragon 600 for a new flagship is a no-no and the Ultrapixel thing again is a no-no! Go LG!

one week more we will see the real G2!


Anonymous, 25 Jul 2013On screen keys are a disappointment... :(not to me.
because i like it.
G2 is beautiful

  • Anonymous

On screen keys are a disappointment... :(

Lauryboy, 25 Jul 2013On-screen buttons are a waste of screen space... this actually r... moreLG already declared that G2 has 5.2" overall display (including On-screen button)

actually its 5" Screen Excluding On-screen button.
perfect size for today's standard.

  • Still Waiting. NEX5

Anyone still waiting for nexus 5? Looking at LG G2 device it about hit the spot, might take the plunges if it comes out soon. :)

But I am so spoil by Galaxy Nexus. Great active community support. Saving me a lot of money in between upgrades.

Can't believe Galaxy Nexus came out around the same time as Galaxy S2. It's still running smooth and strong. Even better, supported by 4.3!

On-screen buttons are a waste of screen space... this actually reduces the effective screen area unless ur watching a video or photo where the back n home buttons get hidden. I just got my G Pro a couple of days back and am going insane with what LG has done with it... Truely awesome! The G2 will surely be a piece of art too.

Octa-core lie, 25 Jul 2013I post up a comment as if I sweared then GSM arena takes it to a... more i experienced the same thing lol

Life's good..........

  • Mingzhou

When is it gona come? I mean it's taking forever. and it looks like the camera has a sliding part to cover it. Just like phones in 2006

I post up a comment as if I sweared then GSM arena takes it to a moderator O.O" overall LG is better.

popye, 24 Jul 2013Everything about this device is ugly. From the design, to the UI... more G2 is 100% better than HTC One.
G2 is beautiful, HTC One is ugly.

and you can only see the beauty of G2 when you accept the truth HTC Company will soon to Sink!

G2 is better, 25 Jul 2013IF YOU ONLY WANT GREAT BATTERY ? GO TO MOTOROLA PHONES! NOT SO... moreLucky Goldstar > Sony


LG gives balanced good specs & features for their smartphones for a very reasonable price.

Sony Honami is only good for Camera but im sure Lumia 1020 has better camera.

G2 is the overall best Smartphone and i will buy it!

LG release this phone Worldwide!!!!

LG G2 will be the best phone of 2013 for unbiased smartphone users ..
Blind and brainwashed(by ads) ppl will never know what is offered by LG.

One more thing .. if you want OS up to date , why cant you use cyanogenmod or buy a nexus phone ..

I dont find anything interesting other than google photosphere in 4.2 jelybean than 4.1 jellybean ( you can even install this apk seperately. really wondering ppl asking "im stuck with 4.1 when i will get 4.2 and now 4.2" !!!

Tom, 25 Jul 2013Nothing spectacular to fit a 2600 mAh battery into a 5.2" d... morewhat a reason to fool people u sony troll, u can buy 10 high capacity batteries for the over priced sony phones ...

price wise sony = apple ..
quality of sony screen = chinese phones ..

and paid fans promoting sony everywhere ...

  • Tom

Nothing spectacular to fit a 2600 mAh battery into a 5.2" device, when Motorola was able to put 3300 mAh battery into 4.5-4.6 phone (RAZRR MAXX/HD MAXX).

So I'll have to skip this one and focus my attention on Sony Honami with 3000+ mAh battery.