Sony announces Android 4.3 update whitelist

25 July, 2013
At this point, a total of six devices will get treated to the latest Jelly Bean version, starting with the Xperia Z.

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  • sony

Amit, 20 Aug 2013Can i update my sony xperia sl-lt26ii from 4.1.2 to 4.3 jelly beanUpdate

  • tarandeep singh

Experia c will be upgraded to 4.3 ? Or not

  • bijay

plz plz update my sony xpreria l kitket 4.4

  • jay

shubham, 03 Feb 2014Did xperia ion Is going to update... To 4.3...Throw it in dustbin and switch to apple

  • sumit

plz plz plz provide update for xperia c I mean android 4.4

Kindley requesting an update for xperia ion

  • shubham

Did xperia ion Is going to update... To 4.3...

  • Anonymous

Can Sony Xperia ion get jelly bean 4.3 and kitkat update

  • Rocky

Release new update for sony means android 4.3 as soon as possible

Cyrus14, 26 Oct 2013Why is Xperia V not on the list when it is a way better phone th... moreexcuse me but zr > v hands down.

Why is Xperia V not on the list when it is a way better phone than the rest except for Z.

  • bhuppi

Hi is Xolo going to update Xolo q1000 to 4.3 or not

  • Siddz

Finally saw some hopeful news for X-V, as Sony announces they can jump directly from 4.1 jelly beans to 4.3, as no major HW specifications changes required, except for the maajor development related to BT 4.0, which is available in "XPERIA V"..:D
Hope direct news for Xperia V will be released soon..

diwahar, 10 Oct 2013Xperia v is almost better monster than xperia sp..and have great... moreThis is not fair xperia v is a great phone better than sp we all user want 4.3 in xperia v

  • diwahar

Xperia v is almost better monster than xperia sp..and have great performance too... So v should be fed with 4.3... Never irritate xperia v users

  • n176

when will the android 4.3 update for xperia sl roll out

  • K

Keep in mind that Android is developed by Google. So all software bugs are related to Google and not Sony.

Yah, your Android is buggy. Sorry.

  • jakson

what about sony expria j its we even not yet get 4.2.2 for our mobile
and when will we 4.3 for expria j

  • avinash

Xperia SP is getting 4.3 update but it is not conformed for xperia Ion and xperia m and xperia c

  • RD

please need upates to middle range of phones that have more bugs on sony's what the shit are u sony I hate this manufacture...but i love to their phones it have sexy look..........but need to more care of sofware bugs......please kindly request to if u make this phones care..its........or people will hate you ever