Another budget iPhone photo leaks, this time with FCC labels

27 July, 2013
The FCC labels lend the rumor some credibility, but there are no official docs to back this up (yet).

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  • Android Man

its like this. if this phone is priced well. say £200 it will sell like hot cakes. £300+ epic fail. Samsung will still reign supreme. I doubt this will make any difference to Samsung.

  • Anonymous

Carlos, 28 Jul 2013THIS may be a fake iphone. BUT, it may be a fake of the REAL... moreBudget iphone made in China just like i5 and 5s. Apple has become the Fisher-Price of cell phones.

  • the-krang

This isnt one of them android based iphone 5 clones is it? Check out zophone very good copy just looks less sleek than the iphone5 but a very good copy on the ui aspect and alao data cable is a fake lightening.

  • Mossjr

Apple is not going downhill. stocks are all green and getting more greener than the samsung xerox. Going with the low-cost iphone means apple is trying to eat some shares in the class c and d markets.

  • Adolfo

Anonymous, 28 Jul 2013Apple leads on innovation, and the budget territory move by appl... moreYou must be insane, Apple has been falling behind to Samsung for the better part of 4 years. The only way to capture the much needed 20 to 30 percent of the low end market is by having a budget device. Or they could continue to fall behind.

  • Anonymous

I love you apple pls make a monochrome phone nyahahaha

  • Anonymous

Apple leads on innovation, and the budget territory move by apple haunts me. Is it all going downhill for apple.

  • charles

Well Apple should find something new - its Iphone virtually is the same thing for the last seven years. I still have my very first Iphone (bought in 2007) and actually it's still working! - but in the same time my 4s isn't too different at all. better screen, upgraded OS, better looks after some people (I frankly find the first Iphone the best looking - I really loved its alu back)but essentially the same phone. I'm not an Iphone aficionado, I also have some Android devices, including an awesome galaxy s3 (yeah I know its already 'old')but I do appreciate Apple's simplicity and elegance and I still think that Apple is a great name - but ffs come up with some really new products!

most of apple fan called samsung und other ,,plastic bomb,, now lets wait ,what would thehy say wenn apple release those kind of phone,, may be high echnoligicall

  • Ronnie chandigarh

EdserRTp24, 28 Jul 2013Tim Cook killed Apple.True n Jhony killed frostal even from the ios.

  • Zzzz

iphone plastic, its fantastic....

  • F

I will buy that!

  • vint

z@Ki, 28 Jul 2013take back whatever you spit out.Poor Apple, no ideas, no technol... moresamsung is copying apple .. Samsung doesn't have brain (it have brain for copying )!!

z@Ki, 28 Jul 2013take back whatever you spit out.Poor Apple, no ideas, no technol... morestill a better company than smasung , nuff said , VIVA HTC

  • Anonymous

Nothing wrong with using plastics. They should've used plastics all along. A glass phone. Worst idea ever.

  • Apple RIP

Fire Tim Cook now

  • ...

From the previous iPhone rumors, all of them were true. So I'm guessing this one is true. What's the problem now Apple is releasing a budget iPhone? It goes to show, they are gaining any revenues nowadays from suing everyone. LOL!

  • z@Ki

take back whatever you spit out.Poor Apple, no ideas, no technology then copy paste from others and claimed it as yours..

  • Anonymous

What budget? Let us see if this is true. I might just laugh about that term budget. A lower range phone I guess but budget? If that picure is a fake and an iClone, yeahh.. it could be a budget phone. lol

  • EdserRTp24

Tim Cook killed Apple.