BlackBerry 9720 goes on sale in UK, costs 180

17 August, 2013
The BlackBerry 9720 is already in stock and the SIM-free version is priced at 180 in UK.

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  • Wael El Hifnawy

Hello everybody, Blackberry is always fantastic solutions for emails on move.Realy you can go anywhere free and no need to stay at yr office all time. The old operating system 6 or the modified 7 is the best OS till moment for buissiness solutions. its very stable and never suffered any proplem sending or receieving mails unless / otherwise its a global problem.Iam using Blackberry since abt 9 years ago started 7200 ( still in my possession )passing to 8900( still in my possession ) , storm 2, 9700 , tourch 9800 , 9860 and finally have Z10. All are fantastic solutions for emails. Also i have tried NokiA, Samsung Sony also have all great features but still BB operating system for emails are the best although iam suffering a small problem ( appeared only at Z10 new operating system ) with my but this is an internal issue with service providerc in Egypt.At the end Many thanks to all Blackberry Staff / RIM and every body work for BB
Wael El Hifnawy - Egypt / Alexandria

  • bbboa

The funny part is that feels like a fusion between the Curve and the Bold series. the keyboard and battery from the curve and hardware from the 9780 bold (processor is under clocked).
More interestingly they have dropped the 'curve' or 'bold' branding

skey25, 18 Aug 2013i cant imagine the company runs two OSes at same time,one old on... moreWhat's confusing about that, Nokia have done it for absolutely years with S40 and S60.

i cant imagine the company runs two OSes at same time,one old one new!thats confusin....

Brainstormer, 17 Aug 2013Anyone who buys this company, will immediately fire ceo,cfo,prod... moreBrainstormer Says:
"Anyone who buys this company, will immediately fire ceo,cfo,product manager etc just for good"

Manzt Says:
"Its time to fire the CEO!"

Until finally someone who concorde with me, because this is the troop of pirates who is sinking every day more the brand BlackBerry.
Knowing Thorsten Heinse his captain of the Titanic modern nickname BB.
It's a cold, selfish, centrist and is filling the pockets of money, but it will take a BB to disappear!

  • yaseeno


  • Manzt

Its time to fire the CEO!

  • Anonymous

Blackberry would have more money if they just didn't bother with this. Instead they are putting money into manufacturing this overpriced fossil that nobody wants.

Every month that passes, it gets worse for BB. Idiot moves like this just accelerate their decline further.

  • Anonymous

I don't know why you are all giving it so much hate, if you don't like it don't buy it. I'm getting because it's qwerty and touchscreen and I can get it in blue. You say it's ancient but I prefer the os and design to bb10. It's easier to understand and easy to use. They are going to make money on this phone just like they do with the curve

Hired Gunns, 18 Aug 2013Nice to see Blackberry have finally taken my advice, especially... moreThe problem is it's not going to compare with another overpriced bb.
It has lumias and droids to fight, and it looses miserably. Why? Outdated OS, Low on every possible hardware aspect, stone age design and ABSURD pricing...

  • NN

when it said for emerging market, i thought the price would aroud $150 or so..

  • The Dead Ripper

BlackBerry OS 7 ... What a joke... stone age phone

Nice to see Blackberry have finally taken my advice, especially after that silly Porsche phone they were thinking of releasing a few days ago. You've got to start somewhere on the road to recovery, and why not aim low for now, then aim higher when the foundations are stronger.

Oh, and this is more than £100 cheaper than a Q5, so what not to like ?.

As usual bb. Who is this aimed at? If its the 'kids', it needs to be cheaper.

  • SF011774

100 droid!

  • SF011774

Is the same shit than Blackberry 9320!
you can buy for one by $150 NEW!

  • Anonymous

Good entry level phone but it would have been better if it had BB10

Very expensive! Good luck Blackberry, you're going right to death

  • Phat-t

Blackberry is making us Canadians look bad! :S

OMG. Do people still need this kind of Jurassic Phone?