Oppo N1 to launch later this year, Find 7 coming in late 2014

02 September, 2013
Oppo through its G+ account has revealed that its upcoming camera smartphone will launch later this year.

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Haha,No. Android based ColorOS

  • Ak

Chinese phone at higher price like branded phones, no warrenty .only persons that have money for waste can buy these chinese phones at this price range.

  • aznfishie

late next year for find 7 . . i'd have bought a find 5 if it had expandable storage . . but then again the find 7 might not have it either. ughh too bad i dont like the s4.

  • Anonymous

rachit sharma, 02 Sep 2013What is the operating system????meego OS !!!!!

Oppo phones are cool, ill give them a look.

  • realjap

Android probably; like the Oppo Find had/has.

  • rachit sharma

What is the operating system????