Qualcomm retracts its SVP's comment on Apple A7 chip

09 October, 2013
A spokesperson retracted Qualcomm's SVP and CMO comment of Apple's A7 being a gimmick.

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Ronny, 10 Oct 2013Ok, first thing is u can never take advantage of the 64-bit arch... moreYes you can.

I built a PC based on an AMD Athlon 64, back in 2004 with 512MB of RAM (which was a lot at the time, 128MB was common), the only available 64bit OS was Linux.

Back in those days the Athlon's were killing Intel processors in performance even though the Intel processors were clocked a lot higher.

So much so they had to change the naming conventions.

64bit means you can shovel through a lot more raw numbers per clock cycle, independent of the amount of RAM available.

Just because 64bit can address more than 4GB of RAM, it does NOT mean that it is a requirement.

Your argument is fallacious and naive.

Anonymous, 10 Oct 2013How I see it, IT IS a marketing gimmick. As many other things fr... moreA note 3 costs MORE than an iPhone.

A "50% less" Android phone has all the high end features stripped out.

Primark, 09 Oct 2013The new IPhone5s with its new dual core putting to shame other s... moreWell said bro perfect and true answer regarding A7 64 bit vs Sanpdragon 800.

  • Ronny

- click to read, 10 Oct 2013The HTC One will do four shots per second, the Galaxy S4 will do... moreOk, first thing is u can never take advantage of the 64-bit architecture without 4GB RAM. Secondly, iOS is not 64-bit yet (probably soon). Lastly, iOS has 8mp camera compared to the new flagship devices (13mp to 20mp), iOS is more optimised operating system than androids.

Third party apps in Google's play store can accelerate burst shots up to 30 shots per second even with older devices. As I said earlier, burst shots are not perfect for benchmarking. I would say you could see the A7's advantage in gaming and other tasks.

A7 processor is still more powerful (although not being true 64-bit at the moment) than the latest processors of other manufacturers, there's no deny about that.

The Monster, 09 Oct 2013I was not talking about the exynos octa. I was reffering to the ... moreTOUCHWIZ !! LOL.
Well you should have a look at the offscreen tests if you talk about resolution.
A7 is a better chip then snapdragon and obv exynos and if it were similarly clocked with similar cores it would blow both of them away like it belonged to future. So yeah. You can enjoy your samsuck note 3. It will also double up as a weapon if need arises.

PS: I use a nexus 4 and an iPhone 5. You just implied i had an iphone 5s.

  • Anonymous

How I see it, IT IS a marketing gimmick. As many other things from any manufacturer. It's what they do, they have marketing departments for that kind of stuff. It seems they do a good job too.
Say it's 64bit and they won't care about the battery won't last a day.
Beat the benchmarks by 1% and they don't care about the price being 50% up.
Make them feel like a magician when they hover their hand over the screen and they won't hear others saying it's poor quality product.
Cut a few things and services out, minimize the cost and they will eventually be forced to pay you more for those services.
Make it 3GB of RAM enen if it's useless and see the numbers climb.
Eventually make them feel they belong in a superior clique and the money will flow.

Many people want to use their devices as tools to efficiently do some tasks but sadly the market doesn't focus on them

Ronny, 10 Oct 2013I guess you missed out a lot of things lately. Some of the Andro... moreThe HTC One will do four shots per second, the Galaxy S4 will do six, the iPhone 5s does ten, TEN a 60% increase over HTC's flagship and 40% higher than Samsung's flagship.

That what 64bit is all about, pure number crunching speed.

  • Anonymous

The simple fact is, Apple has simply STOMPED onto the scene with its performance leaving the competition simply dazed, given how much info was leaked before hand. Yet they managed to keep this amazing bit secret to the very last second, leaving everybody else scrambling.

Good job Apple.

  • Anonymous

Ghoulish, 10 Oct 2013Take this example..i have 4 slices of bread,and you have 2 slice... moreyour analogy about bread sucks, take a look at it this way, processing power is not about how many cores, it's about how fast can things be done, for example, which can run faster, a sled with two horses, or eight chihuahuas?

elementrace, 10 Oct 2013Yet another Android fan with double standards? You probably gloa... moreyea pretty much android fanboi, though no real double standards either. and I have no immidiate plans to upgrade my s3, thanks. but I do feel that customers might be getting tricked as it's not a fair measurement to make crossplatform. IE would you slap on ios on z1 I think that iphones would be put to shame.

  • nsikman

its not all about the hardware, the OS comes into play on how efficient it can use the hardware to its full capabilities, that is why iOS, and wp8 is still fast even without the top of the line specs. Android as an OS has to improve in this area

Take this example..i have 4 slices of bread,and you have 2 slices of bread..now who is gonna be less hungary,you or me?....it this particular case its gonna be you not me...its kinda factual that A7 is way up there with s800 in all benchmarks done...native is always better than non native OS's....android needs either an overhaul,or much much much better optimisation in my opinion...not a fan of any OEM or OS,i use what suits me best,and right now its a s4 and lumia 1020....

More competition bring more competitive price and provide latest technology asap to consumer . Can you all imagine if no android but apple alone in the market ? I can assure you that apple could play slow in hardware and software , no need ios7 . May be ios5 is more than enough to make ifans happy . Competition brings benifit to all consumer including ifans but i hope competition focus more on price from now on because phone these days performence are close to each other , so they do more gimmick stuffs to compete but not the price . As long as peoples accept those gimmicks , we all pay more than we should :(

  • anonymous

apple 5s scores are still comparable with snapdragon 800 2gb ram or note3 3gb ram while using only 1gb ram.

so it makes sense friends.

The SVP's comment was simply stupid. Apple is Qualcomm's customer. Each iPhone uses Qualcomm MDM modem chip. Absolutely, Qualcomm also wants iPhone to use Snapdragon in future.

  • Anonymous

am anand SVP from qualcum, my apologies on the a7 comment. I do not want to get sued by apple and that's the reason why I'm retracting my comment, v have a superior product!

  • Jarret

64-bit for the iPhone5S just using 1 GB RAM only? Useless and idiot! Better 64-bit technology is suite for Note 3 using 3 GB RAM...

  • Anonymous

Enough of the argument already !!!
They don't pay any of us to defend them anyway.

So, just get the iPhone if you think it's best, or get an Android otherwise.

I love Android, I just don't see the point arguing with people and making them love it as much as I do. Afterall, we all (probably) won't see eye to eye. and besides, the point is to satisfy people.
As long as people are satisfied with what they have, that's it.

- click to read, 10 Oct 2013The first iPhone could multitask, i.e. do more than one thing at... more...and Samsung continues to copy Sony in many aspects of consumer products. lol

WayWay, 09 Oct 2013Oh come on Staff of GSMArena. Don't say shit like "put the ... moreYet another Android fan with double standards? You probably gloat when the specs of an S4 are shown to be much more advanced than that of a 5S. Now that it's known that the actual real world performance difference is practically nil or more in favor of the iPhone, you backtrack and say it's not a fair comparison...