Nokia Lumia 525 press image makes the rounds on Facebook

05 November, 2013
The leaked image reveals the newcomer’s sleeker profile in comparison to its predecessor.

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  • Guri


  • mariyaan

i want a flash in lumia 525

  • Asif

K Alam, 07 Nov 2013I love nokia phone'sI too.

  • Raj

the phone must have dual sim and flash.
I really want to have it....

  • vijesh

pls add the led flash in nokia 525

  • aswin

Please add flash ...

LED Flash is very much Required pls pls nokia before release this product, you just ADD LED FLASH and then release, i want to buy this.

i will exchange my lumia 520 for it cause it has 1gb ram and i m a phone gamer !!!

  • dubey

please give file manager in lumia 525

  • ZH

Nokia 525 must have Compass alongwith flash light

  • amrit

as u can see in the pic , there is no front camera,

  • Uclid

I will purchase it.This 525 should have dual SIM arrangement and head phone of similar colour. I love NOKIA LUMIA & ASHA 501.

  • Doods

Front Camera is necessary now

  • Arun

More people will by the this mobile if front cam will be there


  • loock

I need smc antireflective coating, and dust and oil repellent coating.

  • zameer

I need frent camera,flash and dual sim

  • Mohsin

I need front camera and flash light in nokia lumia 525.

  • milan

What release date ....

I had this phone for 4 months now and its going strong, user friendly, and very productive. The only difference of this phone to the Lumia 520 is the enhancement of the RAM from 512MB to 1GB and also this new model will be able to use the Nokia Smart cam which the 520 is unable to do at the moment