Press image of T-Mobile bound LG Optimus F3Q leaks

06 December, 2013
LG Optimus F3Q for T-Mobile with a QWERTY slider has been leaked ahead of its announcement.

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  • Hi,

Type:Qwerty Slide Type
Color:Indigo Black
Dimensions [LxWxD]:122.5 x 64.9 x 14.1mm
Weight with Standard Battery:182g (With battery)
Operating System:Android 4.1.2 (Jelly Bean)
Standard Battery:Li-lon 2460mAh
Internal memory : 4 GB eMMC, 8Gb(1GB) LPDDR2
External memory : up to 32 GB
CPU: 1.2GHz Dual Core Qualcomm Snapdragon 400 MSM8930
Display: TFT LCD (4.0 Inch, 800X480, WVGA)
Main Camera:5MP(BSI)
Sub Camera:1.3MP
Video Codecs:MPEG-4,H.263,H.264,Xvid,WMV7,WMV8, VC-1/WMV3, VP8
Audio Codecs:MP3, AAC, (e)AAC+, MIDI, PCM/WAV, AMR-NB/WB, WMA, Vorbis, FLAC

  • Adinoye

Am ignorant of the phone.I could not download anything such as music,vicious ,and themes and much more pls I need an do I access to all I mention above

  • Trooper

charu1986, 08 Dec 2013check out xperia proMeh!!! Not bad size screen, but suffers from the same low internal memory as the HTC Cha Cha, although it has 1GB instead of 250MB. I need at least 8-16GB minimum to start with to be happy, and to alleviate any possibility of the dreaded low memory warning so early on in it's usage life. And no, rooting and flashing hacked roms are out of the question for me.

  • Trooper

Anonymous, 08 Dec 2013How can they expect to push a different form factor with a poorl... moreThis particular hardware qwerty phone isn't at all badly spec'd compared to the crap us qwerty phone die-hards have been offered in the past. It's just that it's not available (to buy) off contract and outside of the USA.

  • Anonymous

How can they expect to push a different form factor with a poorly specced phone. Standard these days is quad 1.2 for a good mid-ranger

  • sks888

Hell, Nokia E7 is immortal.

  • charu1986

Trooper, 07 Dec 2013I second all the UK commenter's here, we need option to be able ... morecheck out xperia pro

  • George

As Sony Xperia Pro user, I need little change. Besides my expectations from Samsung to make mid-end qwerty phone, although this seems ideal due to rumored specs. Hope this phone will be relased for international market. Even better, if Telenor Serbia includes it in offer in Q2 with appropriate prize, that would be the best solution.

  • DireWolf

I too wish for a decent QWERTY phone available worldwide... the best one is still the Xperia Pro (which I use), which came out in 2011 and has, for today's standards, entry-level specs.

Can the market for QWERTY phones be that small that manufacturers don't bother with them?

  • Trooper

I second all the UK commenter's here, we need option to be able to purchase a decent spec, large screen, hardware qwerty keyboard Android phone in Europe, specifically the UK. I still own and use a Nokia E6, a N97 Mini and a C6-00 all with qwerty hardware keyboards. The last keyboarded Android phone i had the pleasure of using was a HTC Cha Cha (which i still own). While it's a really good phone on the whole, it was sorely let down by the extremely pathetic amount of in-built storage, just 250MB, and the screen should have been much bigger, say, 3.5-4 inches. Come on phone manufacturers, get your fingers out an provide us UK'ers and Europeans with a decent hardware qwerty Android phone, there is a market for it (although maybe small), though the rather small response to this article does not bode well for us. Fingers crossed.

  • keke

htc must bring qwerty im a big fan of it. Nonetheless, htc for life no matter what

Hey,all you who are finding it difficult to use the tiny keypad in Android smartphones and i phones,use Big Buttons keypad,it's large,easy to use,and size of the buttons can be adjusted.
The only reason i am using android OS for the past 2 years is because of this "big buttons" keypad,which is available in google play.
This is the better solution than having a bulky physical keypad ,sliding or whatever in your phone.

  • koroko

wish this one will sell here in asia.... i need a physical keyboard hate virtual keyboard!! im still using my xperia pro

  • misquitas

jaminbob, 06 Dec 2013So hang on. I've been waiting all this time for a qwerty and yet... moreAbsolutely. Why cant the rest of the world be offered with a similar product? Right now, the ONLY phones with qwerty keypads available in India are the Nokia Asha 210 and Samsung Chat 5330, both of which are budget phones with barebones specifications, or the Blackberry Q10 and Q5, which are premium phones from a sinking company.

Why cant Samsung, LG, HTC, Sony or Nokia come out with more QWERTY phones for Android or Windows, which would be available ALL OVER THE WORLD?

I wish at least one brand would put a slide out qwerty keyboard on their flagship phone. I still have my N97 mini and still working perfectly up to now.

Girish Balan, 07 Dec 2013all these google now, swype keyboard. . .and here comes QWERTY ,... morewait till apple reinvent stone bricks

  • Anonymous

Sweet. Am missing the productive aspects of a keyboard slider and keen to go back to one when I next upgrade. Maybe they can make a version that also includes stylus.

all these google now, swype keyboard. . .and here comes QWERTY , is this reinventing the wheel??

  • AdamBoy64

Blackberry still in a league of their own.
Would love to see some more QWERTY's outside the US.

  • Anonymous

Can we please have a decent spec qwerty phone in the UK touch screen just doesn't cut it!