Nokia in Barcelona: Email, navigation on S60 3rd

16 Feb, 2009
With two capable messaging devices announced by Nokia today at the WMC the E in Eseries means more email than ever. Business-minded Nokia E75 and E55 have a distinct QWERTY implementation each...

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  • Anonymous

"The E55 is a candybar that will make potential E51 upgraders cheer. The emailing skill is absolutely identical to the E75, and so is the rest of the spec sheet."

Yeeeewwww. Can I have a REAL E51-like replacement instead?

  • Anonymous

Nokia is going down!

  • SE_Symbian_Fans

level_up, 17 Feb 2009well actually there IS a Symbian touchscreen phone with a QWERTY... morei mean symbian smartphone , touchscreen , qwerty on candybar design with 2.6 - 3 inch because i don't like qwerty on slide design. :)

  • level_up

SE_Symbian_Fans, 17 Feb 2009Finally New Symbian Smartphone with Half Qwerty & Nice Features ... morewell actually there IS a Symbian touchscreen phone with a QWERTY - the N97 which is due later this year...

  • SE_Symbian_Fans

Finally New Symbian Smartphone with Half Qwerty & Nice Features is release. thank's Nokia. hope next Nokia can release Symbian Smartphone with Touchscreen , Half Qwerty & 2.6 - 3 inch screen

  • Anonymous

Ok.I read here that owners of e51 will be happy.People this is Version of Stella with hybrid QWERTY keypad.Stella will be lunch probably tomorrow or this week. Stella is real successor of e51.Please check this on roadmap of nokia.Hre is the link:­hp

  • allstars

im always a nokia fan and always like the eseries but nokia are really reminding me of motorola same features but different body.... nokia this year u can lose alot of fans....cause lg,se,samsung,htc and blackberry are all coming out really good and its just the second month of the year!!!!!

  • bummy

Ctrl+C , Ctrl+V ?

  • help

oh boy,all these phones coming out,if i have to buy a phone tomorrow which phone should i buy?

  • ND

N86 full data sheet:

  • ND

YES! N86 is the best! I love it very very much!! It will be my next phone for sure! I'm waiting until Q2 to get it! Great done NOKIA!

  • Andy Burgin

All the Nokia fans feeling let down by Nokia,do not worry the N86 will be announce either tomorrow or wednesday, its there first 8 mega-pixel camera mobile that looks like the N85,so really glad its on its way at last an can"t wait to see a full review of the N86 by Nokia,as i have been waiting for a upgrade from Nokias Top Class mobile the N95 8gb which is still the best mobile Nokia have ever released so hope the N86 is exactly the same top quality mobile

  • mesh

being a huge Nokia fan, am very disappointed by what they have been offering in the past few months

same features but different phone shape doesnt mean anything new...

  • Mike

Yep, I feel the same. But you see, this is the trouble with being someone who always go with nokia the leaders (including myself). Because they are the leaders, they do not NEED to bring anything impressive out. People owning the last navigator will upgrade to this next one, same goes with E-series owners, and ppl with the n-series will go towards the n-97 or the 5800 express music.
Don't get me wrong, I too wish Nokia would bring something out of theis world out and suprise us all, leaving even the newly announced sony idou in great compotition, but I am starting to think that Nokia will only bring out a wider range of low end and VERY high end when they are starting to feel threatened of being taken over in the phone market by another company. But yes, I wish they would get this 'corolla' anounced so we can at least see what it is all about, even 8mp isn't new anymore and the first phone to become official with a 5mp (nokia n95) was nealry 2 years ago! And Nokia have managed t stay at the top keeping that number of megapixels up untill today and still ongoing...

  • Dee

Wake up Nokia! Your well behind the times, even LG have better phones out than you now!!! I never thought I would see the day where I put a Nokia in the same class as a Motorola!!! You may still be the market leaders but unless you get your finger on the pulse that wont last too long. Your talking about releasing the 5mp N97 in June, SE have just announced the 12mp idou, Samsung are releasing the OmniaHD which records in hi-def! I thought last year Nokia were having a quiet calm before the storm but a year on and still nothing impressive.

  • Anonymous

i think the main dishes hauen't come out

  • Erick

These announcements will provide more choices for anyone wanting solid connectivity and quality devices to consider. The E series announcements will push the price of the E51 downwards making this excellent handset a real bargain. The 6720 Classic announced will however be faced with consumers potentially opting to instead get the WLAN enabled N78 which is currrently available very reasonable in Europe or paying 30-40 euros more to have the N79 which also has WLAN and a 5 megapixel camera with the higher frame rate video capture.

  • Robert

Nokia 6720 classic is super phone off that price... I want it!!!
P.S. Sorry, i am bad in english :D

  • Leo

Well looking a what HTC, LG and Samsung are coming up with, I trully hope this is not what Nokia will respond with...

  • Dilmeet

I was nt hopeful and Nokia just proved me right.......SE announced much better handsets.....saving grace is I cn just hope for better and stable OS......and i like d new icons in pics....hope it doesn't require lots of FW upgardes to stabilize.......but i still say SE announced much better phones......