Samsung Galaxy S5 zoom photo leaks, to be called K Zoom

03 April, 2014
The Galaxy S5 Zoom will be called Galaxy K Zoom. Leaked image shows recessed lens and panel.

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  • Anonymous

Camwhore, 04 Apr 2014I don't comment stuff without basis unlike some people here. I o... moreWow....Sure...Saying you owned some Samsung camera 13 years ago and then got a better cannon is totally and excuse for your original non factual comment and now this rude negating non factual one...
Congrats on troll abilities.

  • Anonymous

WHERE are the nokia dudes ?....In 3 Years this will have 20x zoom, 40mpx and 5.5 inches screens !!

  • Camwhore

Anonymous, 03 Apr 2014Wow....Considering they long since already have been....That's s... moreI don't comment stuff without basis unlike some people here. I owned a Samsung Digimax (Was called back then) way back 2001-2003, and I never knew image quality can be better until I owned a Canon IXUS/IXY in 2004.

  • spase


Not bad... Not bad AT ALL! Cant wait for it~ Hopefully the price will be affordable.. Hehe

First I thought it is Front loading Washing machine !! Lol...

  • khalid

i think that means the device will be able to record 2k and 4k videos


What is it with people and weigth? Really, i carry around a 17 vaio with accs (keyborad, mouse, charger, battery) i dont mind if my phone weights 300g as long as its worth it.!

  • Anonymous

Yay, this one will be mine!

  • Anonymous

good samsung made it look less like camera more like phone
but keeping huge camera on the back.

  • Anonymous

it doesn't look like Samsung's..

If it's ISOCELL and a straight sensor size increase while keeping per pixel size the same then

19MP the sensor size will be 1/2.189"
20MP the sensor size will be 1/2.08"
20.7MP the sensor size will be 1/2.009"

This is based on the S5's 1/2.6" sensor for 16MP at 1.12um per pixel sizes.

The main problem is that the tests done by hacks who gained access to S5s well before release day have showed the quality of the ISOCELL tech to be at best on par with what the Note 3 already managed and in some cases worse.

  • Anonymous

If this has a low enough profile then it will be a good phone.

I use my phone for photos, texting and occasional browsing. Little else. For portable gaming, I prefer the larger iPad, even though I have a 5.5" phone.

So I care less about specs, as long as it all works smoothly.

  • Anonymous

K.... ZOOM! Hahahaha!

Protocol, 03 Apr 2014Good but still the sensor size is just 1/2.3". Link to the source for the sensor size you mentioned? thanks in advance.

  • Anonymous

Camwhore, 03 Apr 2014Samsung will never be known for exceptional image quality (it go... moreWow....Considering they long since already have been....That's some lame jealous attempt there.

[deleted post]Exactly ..what part?

  • Anonymous

Great. Bravo Samsung(if this is a real thing)

Hope the phone specks will be not cut down, though. And not heavier than 200/220gr

  • Protocol

Good but still the sensor size is just 1/2.3".

Please SAMSUNG, release a BLACK
colour GALAXY K ZOOM as soon as
possible !!!!