Nokia 1208

Nokia 1208

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  • Anonymous

Nokia 1208 Is a cool&simple mobile

  • bassam sadieah

what about whatsapp ?

  • Nilakantha kishan

Nokia 1208

  • nokia1208

nokia1208 set in coming to market & public command 1208 set. request for company by nokia phone 1208 lanch to market.

Best telephone ever!

  • bill

The phone itself has no issues. Problems ive had was with the rubber buttons that are one piece. It came off and when i popped it back it never flattened and settled so it was not easy to press the buttons.

  • shammas7272

Hey nokia team reopened this model.....
New colour...

  • Anonymous

Really the best phone I ve ever owned. I got it in 2008 and after 6 years I am finally replacing it with the 208. The phone still works great and the original battery still lasts a week between charges. Just needed 3G to switch carriers so I had to retire her. The one thing I will miss the most; the flashlight.

  • anyone

Marvelous piece of Programming

  • Anonymous

I have it since 2008 and will keep handy even if I replace it. Really great for what counts more in a mobile: phone calling.

  • shish

my first mobile ;)

  • Nicholas

I used to have an LG Optimus L5 until I had it stolen from me. I subsequently went back to using my old mobile [the Nokia 1208] It feels much more responsive than my Android phone ever was, and is an absolute pleasure to use. :-) I have not looked back/missed having a smartphone at all, and intend to continue using my 1208 until the battery eventually gives in.

  • Anonymous

this is my first mobile in my life i enjoyed it very wel

  • louis

this phone is the best unlike nowadays, you drop a phone and it's all over. had this phone since it came out and it's still strong. People look at my phone and think up grade please and say no, because I don't know how to use the new phones, nit one bit.

my first phone

  • Uncle SAM

this phone is very goood , cheap n best . JATTS ROCKS EVERYTIME

  • Anonymous

7 years still going strong on same battery.

  • Jink

Manjay, 26 Mar 2014nice mobile. I am using it from 6 years.Yes, me also.


Can I ask?

Is there a way for me to change the previous password of my Nokia 1200?

  • Manjay

nice mobile. I am using it from 6 years.