Nokia 208

Nokia 208

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  • Silky

Anonymous, 23 Oct 2015I'm using this phone from the last 10 months. Its a very very go... moreHow i will install the whatsapp help me pls.,

Anonymous, 16 Sep 2015how many message can save to this phone ?With big enough internal memory(for feature phone), this phone can ten of thousands messages

  • Circa Filipino

I used to like this phone, during at work somthing like it was exposed to sunlight, the keypad expanded it was getting bubbly. Where to buy keypad?

  • Santino

Nokia 208 can shut off without clear have low music sound that cannot satisfies the user.its messenger does not support free call.

  • Anonymous

I have this phone and one bad thing is that when i go to youtube i could NEVER watch the videos

  • USER208

This phone is awful:
1. Sometimes it turns off with no reason.
2. It is extremely slow.
3. Since the last update of Whatsapp it stated to go crazy.
A piece of junk.
Do yourself a favor and get a Galaxy S3 Mini.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 03 Nov 2015this phone can install whatsapp application?Yup, you can download whatsapp on it

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 23 Oct 2015I'm using this phone from the last 10 months. Its a very very go... morethis phone can install whatsapp application?

  • Anonymous

jo, 02 Dec 2014All features in nokia 208are fine.But,once u install Whatsapp u ... morePES2015

  • john boy

I have a Nokia 208 phone.
I cannot here the thing when it rings and I have tried to change the ringtone but I have failed.
When I am out in the sun I cannot read the screen as it is not bright enough.
It is the worst phone I have ever bought , my last Nokia phone was easy to use, but it got broken.
I just want a phone to phone people this phone is too complicated for me, I am 72
Frustrated . regards John

  • Anonymous

I'm using this phone from the last 10 months. Its a very very good phone. It can store msg more then you can count. Good average internet browsing, video streaming, lots of chatting, built in mail apps- you can add any type of mail id here. I call this mini smart phone. Yes you read it- IT IS A MINI SMART PHONe. At this price range its a very good classic mobile. Whoever like classic mobiles, without any doubt you can buy it.

anonymous, 09 Oct 2015hello, just want to clarify is this phone can store thousands of... moreI'd a conversation consisting 27K Messages with just one friend, approximately it can easily accommodate up to 40K messages.

  • anonymous

Tanii, 29 Apr 2015Using it since 6 months, messages memory is awesome I've approx ... morehello, just want to clarify is this phone can store thousands of message unlike nokia 225 can only accommodate few messages.

  • Hanna

Hi guys, can I ask a favour because my nokia 208 is dead but I just brought in the repair shop and the technician manage to bring back my phone by installing firmware thanks for that, but my software is V10.34 dated 13-03-14 RM 949...can you guys look at your sw if its the same with mine? Thanks in advance Ü

  • Karthik

WhatsApp is supported on Symbian S40 devices. So I think it should be able to run it.

  • zunnunn

abdul wakeel, 04 Oct 2015Noin this mobile whatsapp is built-in

  • abdul wakeel

Sai gangadhar, 07 Sep 2015Does it supports whatsapp hike line etc apps in inbuiltNo

  • Anonymous

hkosgei, 23 Aug 2015This is a nice phone but the whatsapp fails and cannot be uninst... more no soporta wsp :p

  • Anonymous

how many message can save to this phone ?

  • Anonymous

buvvi, 08 Sep 2015it is a cheating one because you are including the feature of w... moreWhatsApp?