Nokia 5800 XpressMusic

Nokia 5800 XpressMusic

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  • JK

Good start from Nokia. Touch screen phones are becoming the in thing since iPhone hit the stores. Sound quality and song download through Nokia Comes with Music is great. The concept of CWM is pretty pointless esp when you cannot transfer to a/c to another Nokia phone or renew it after 1yr. Its tied to pretty much the phone you buy and the format is only recognized and played on that phone or PC.

Camera is really a wash out. I've seen better 3.2MP camera phones from Nokia. The e90 and n73 were marvellous. Nokia is starting to put cheap components into these low to mid end phones. Calling it Carl Zeiss ... yeah right! Overall, very dissapointed with 5800XM, lets hope the N97 brings some relief to this.

  • Anonymous

how make smilies in nokia 5800

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 01 Jan 1970e 71 of course

  • Harry

Ace, 23 Mar 2009Is the 5800 compatible with opera mini?yes . Opera 4 supports 5800xm !

  • Ace

Is the 5800 compatible with opera mini?

  • abhishek

hey anyone noticed the screen flickers after you play a game, watch a movie or just slide it unlock? think i should take my phone to nokia care? again?

  • Jek

Oh well... I have tried using the phone only for two weeks, and now im back on track to my N95 8gb after not being satisfed in 2wks... I think, 5800 is a great phone everyone wants to have in their hands "IF" you'll use it as an audio device, mp3, etc. (anything that has something to do with audio) "BUT" if you are looking for a phone that has a good Photo Quality, this isn't for you! This is just as good as other low-end mobile phones. But not GREAT!!! If you send text very often, and only one-hand is free while on the run, not possible to send message faster than normal... And if you're a clumsy-type of person, NEVER EVER have in mind of buying this one...This isn't made of titanium, stainless, brass,etc... It's one hell of a plastic crap! Most of the phones made by Nokia are plastic-made... But the quality of plastic they used in this phone is really cheap... Aside from that, the camera of the phone, as suggested by most of the phone owner, can only be used at day time... I'll leave the rest of the features of the phone be commented by others.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 01 Jan 1970Hmmm, I see your attempt is quiet emotional, you almost take it all, it seem to be traditional for your kind of guy you are, amazing isn't it, even I'm trying to keep my privacy!:-(

As for nokia or ovi company, they are not my concern, and they are not dependent on me, but if they are, than they shall come personally out to me with adequate business contract paper, so i can bee payed for my work and wasting my time, but I know I em not their favorite for that mater!

  • Sagar

ellen, 12 Mar 2009i just got it a week ago,but wow what a sound,yes it is loud and... moreThank You Ellen. I must go for it.

  • Hollywood

karan, 22 Mar 2009wazzup Hollywood u can try to encode the movie file first in... moreThhanks very much Karan its working now
thanks for your help dude

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 20 Mar 2009my friend have this phone 3mounth not so good phone i perefer ... moreLiking this phone

  • karan

Hollywood, 22 Mar 2009Since i've got the new software V20 i ve tried to load a real... morewazzup Hollywood

u can try to encode the movie file first into mp4 using any of the video convertor and then try to play it. I m sure it will work like a charm.

  • Hollywood

Since i've got the new software V20

i ve tried to load a real player movie in my 5800 its for 280 MB its duration is 1:45 min. and it s the only thing i have on the memory card the rest is empty, but when im trying to play this movie it is not working properly

it gives me like shot by shot like pictures on row not a movie, it gives me a shot and freze on it for like 5 seconds and then give me another shot and freeze on it etc. (and it gives me like pixels squares)

so should i have something like a codec or whatever to resolve this issue, or to change the extension of the movie or somthing ?!!!!!
or this issue happening with all 5800 XM ?!!!!!!

♣Thanks very much

  • Hollywood

Ahsan, 22 Mar 2009I live in Bangladesh. I recently bought this phone. I will be go... moreahsan its not related to the handset at all, nothing to do with the handset,it is totaly with the netwok you just need to contact your service provider to activate the roaming for you, or to provide you with the network unlock code NUC if you would like to put a USA simcard on it

  • Ahsan

I live in Bangladesh. I recently bought this phone. I will be going to USA next month. Can anyone please say me whether my cell phone will work in USA or not? Do I have to do anything to make it work in USA? Plaese anyone reply.

  • premji

i bought the phone but there was a defect in sound while receiving phone calls,,,, the supplier says that it is a manufacture default. has anyone experienced the same problem??..

  • Puma_9

southb, 21 Mar 2009can i know s60 5th can run s60 3rd application/games? no

  • confidential

those who have security code problems or any other problem after updating to latest firmware v20 are required to just hard reset the phone....
hold down green key,red key and camera key simultaneously and while holding them together switch on the phone...don't release any of the keys until the phone is fully powered up and shows resetting.release the keys when phone asks for time and date to set. now phone will be reset and default code will be 12345. please make sure to backup all your data in the phone memory because after hard resetting all of your data in the phone memory would be erased.

  • seb

southb, 21 Mar 2009can i know s60 5th can run s60 3rd application/games? dont think so

  • subir

after updating my phn with v20 , i m nt able 2 play music files that were already in d phn whn i purchased it, i.e . all dch files.can any1 tell me whts d prblm and d solution????