Nokia 5800 XpressMusic

Nokia 5800 XpressMusic

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  • lol

theforge, 24 Apr 2015you do realize Nokia doesn't exist anymorewell this phone does

  • vamsi

This cellphone is really amazing and best for typing i want this mobile again if available sure to purchase this base of touch screen remember and realize

  • John Moses

this phone is amaizing although it doesnt support instergram

  • Cuycoy

Pakaya, 06 Jun 2015Can i update my phone softwearNew Updated 5800 XpressMusic

  • Shahin

If u want to disconnect the internet press & hold red button(end call) for certain time. Uc browser is best for nokia 5800 xp am using this phone from 2008 if u using whatsapp in nokia it will connected automatically to the net better idea is install that if u hve net pack otherwise uninstall backup that software (whatsapp) have a gud day guys

Dear all my nokia 5800 user friends, please tell me which headphones can give awesome music quality on this phone?

  • Pakaya

Can i update my phone softwear

  • Pakaya

nicky, 25 Mar 2015can you download whatsapp on this phoneYeah

  • SteveG

Well, it was a nice phone with a reasonable price back then in 2008. Actually I'm still using it as my second (work) phone, mostly because of the battery life.

  • SteveG

Barun, 30 May 2015i cannot find wifi option on my set.wat to do?Symbian is a little bit different that the modern OS's. To search for an open WiFi or any WiFi at all, you must go to Settings -》Connectivity -》Wireless LAN there will appear the list of all WiFi networks available.

  • SteveG

Anonymous, 30 Apr 2015Very good phone but i don't know data canection how off To disable the mobile data you mist delete the access point in settings. There ware an application called MonetGate, which could turn on and off the mobile data, but I'm not sure if it's possible to find it enymore.

  • Barun

i cannot find wifi option on my set.wat to do?

  • Barun

how to find and open wifi?

Press and hold call end button

  • Anonymous

Navaneet, 14 Apr 2015Hi everyone,I am using this Nokia 5800 XpressMusic since from 20... moreVery good phone but i don't know data canection how off

please help me, i took back up of contacts, settings, files before hard resetting the phone, but after hard reset, i am able to restore only contacts and settings.. But not able to restore files,. Its about 25mb including useful apps.. It just getting stucked at 'preparing to restore'..

  • Sumit

I use this phone from 2009. It is a nice phone. i love it very much. its touch responce is really good. i still use it.

  • Anonymous

nicky, 25 Mar 2015can you download whatsapp on this phone5800.xpress

  • theforge

Saleem,9050529466, 20 Apr 2015I have been using this phone since 2009. Now I want to suggest n... moreyou do realize Nokia doesn't exist anymore

  • Anonymous

perhaps nokia should release again a music xpress with great music player similar to this,its music clarity is ver much close to my samsung note4 and my iphone 5s.still durable hardware that the casing and touch panel ran out and id change them.still working great