Nokia 5800 XpressMusic

Nokia 5800 XpressMusic

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  • Basudev

Dipumani, 16 Aug 2015Very good phone still my brother using, no issue, whatsapp, hike... moreMr. Dipumani , if Your mobile sis,sisx File Not,be Install certificates error dispalyed . Please Fllow My step Open google From Your Nokia 5800 xpress music Search"Symbain 5th edtion Northon App and download After install and open The app >select option press"Orgazione list " select Option press"Restore All" and Again Go to Google search "Symbain 5th edtion Rom patcher' download and Install and Open the app displayd "2 server" Option press"Apply " again Option press" server click " 2 server displayd symbol" \/ " "pat server symboll when "apply" Go to Google And Any 5th edtion App download and esily Install i Think Your Problem Solved. Any problem of Nokia 5800 email me""

  • Rocky Noga

The best phone for whatsapp, facebook. Even its very best to download when compared to other symbian phones. I think the download speed is best and gives best results while using 3g. Im using it from 3 years.

  • Dipumani

Very good phone still my brother using, no issue, whatsapp, hike, skype all the apps running well. only one problem unable to install any apps from google play store beacuse it's not a anroid phone, if nokia can give the anroid OS other company will go down in market.

  • Anonymous

still i am using this phone from 2009. Good condition with efficient battery backup in original condition.

still got this phone still in good condition still rocks. ha ha ha

  • Anonymous

still got this phone. its amazing phone. better than iphone3 during its era...

The 3.2 Mpx Camera is very good :)

  • rajkumar

what is the use to sw update this phone

  • Anonymous


1.Stereo Speakers offers Loud and Clear sound.
2.Amazing Audio quality through headphone.
3.Big,bright display.
4.Good viewing angle.
5.DVD quality Video recording.


1.Internet browser is worst of symbian.specially after V60 update.
2.Camera sucks.Front camera is almost useless.While the rear camera despite having dual led flash,is by far the worst I've seen.
3.Weak Battery backup.
4.Bulky and awkward design(compare to 5530/X6).

  • lol

theforge, 24 Apr 2015you do realize Nokia doesn't exist anymorewell this phone does

  • vamsi

This cellphone is really amazing and best for typing i want this mobile again if available sure to purchase this base of touch screen remember and realize

  • John Moses

this phone is amaizing although it doesnt support instergram

  • Cuycoy

Pakaya, 06 Jun 2015Can i update my phone softwearNew Updated 5800 XpressMusic

  • Shahin

If u want to disconnect the internet press & hold red button(end call) for certain time. Uc browser is best for nokia 5800 xp am using this phone from 2008 if u using whatsapp in nokia it will connected automatically to the net better idea is install that if u hve net pack otherwise uninstall backup that software (whatsapp) have a gud day guys

Dear all my nokia 5800 user friends, please tell me which headphones can give awesome music quality on this phone?

  • Pakaya

Can i update my phone softwear

  • Pakaya

nicky, 25 Mar 2015can you download whatsapp on this phoneYeah

  • SteveG

Well, it was a nice phone with a reasonable price back then in 2008. Actually I'm still using it as my second (work) phone, mostly because of the battery life.

  • SteveG

Barun, 30 May 2015i cannot find wifi option on my set.wat to do?Symbian is a little bit different that the modern OS's. To search for an open WiFi or any WiFi at all, you must go to Settings -》Connectivity -》Wireless LAN there will appear the list of all WiFi networks available.

  • SteveG

Anonymous, 30 Apr 2015Very good phone but i don't know data canection how off To disable the mobile data you mist delete the access point in settings. There ware an application called MonetGate, which could turn on and off the mobile data, but I'm not sure if it's possible to find it enymore.