Nokia Lumia 525

Nokia Lumia 525

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Has anyone got Windows 10 update for this? Is yes, then how's it?

  • kavin

For thus phone windows 8.1 is a perfect is don't upgrade from windows 10 we would face serious battery problems

  • NJ

Raz, 29 Dec 2015Don't upgrade to win10 . mine appears brickedBack up 1. hard reset your mobile & turn off automatic updates 2. Format your memory card 3. Turn n on/ update your mobile. Should work smoothly, else use MS windows recovery tool. It will roll back to phones stock OS version.

  • santhu smile

nice mobile in reasonable pries and best cam resolution but don't have front cam .. :(

  • chirag1996

Anonymous, 09 Dec 2015can nokia lumia 525 support 4gNo bro.

  • Anish

Using this mobile for last 2 year fully satisfied with the features nice phone to use and it is the best phone i ever bought . i like this phone very much nd i suggest you to buy the phone but according to me you buy other new windows phone because new phone have new features. thanx :-)

  • Raz

Don't upgrade to win10 . mine appears bricked

  • baskar

download this problem comingwhatsapp
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  • RAZ

I have Windows 10 on my Lumia 525. Its slower than windows 8.1 and has bugs (not yet released hence expected). Otherwise nice to try..

  • anandu ks

i am using NOKIA LUMIA 525.I LOVE MY PHONE very I am waiting for windows10 update.

  • mj

Is windows insider good for this phone?

  • Prince

Windows phones becomes hot on excessive use and improper handling of process threads at CPU level. Resetting your phone will help and if you have backup option configured your settings and apps will be downloaded automatically and reconfigured.

  • Anonymous

can nokia lumia 525 support 4g

  • Charle

Nokia 525 is best phone to use bt when l use is come too hot why??

Installed Windows 10 Mobile for Windows Insiders. Smooth but some apps take time to open. Otherwise stable.

Want to upgrade to a newer phone and install W10M.

  • Ronny

This is the best mobile I ever have....

Using this phone for over a year. Was good. Now I want to upgrade to a newer model. Any suggestions?

  • Ninja

Ranjeet Shah, 16 Oct 2015I have Nokia X phone bt I can't use 1_2 hours battery problemsLook for similar battery with extra mah nokia used to do that as far as I remember. Use your battery wisely, use battery saver option when phone is idle or you want to save battery, keep brightness to automatic when indoors, don't use vibrate mode. Turn off rotation when not needed, etc.

  • Anonymous

When windows10 for lumia 525 im using this phone a year with 8.1 windows

  • Africana Prophet

imorove its battery life and you will enjoy it