Nokia Lumia 610

Nokia Lumia 610

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  • Aadrian

lumia10, 23 May 2016This phone is a disaster... no whatspp no skype no nothing no sh... moreWhatsapp is available, don't know what you're talking about. Even for the old WP7... Skype for WP is discontinued bye Microsoft themselves. That is indeed bad.

  • lumia10

This phone is a disaster... no whatspp no skype no nothing no shit... never buy windows phne ... never

  • Anonymous

just a waste

  • Aadrian

Stumxen, 22 Apr 2016I luv it it works fine and i can do anything with it i hv had it... moreSame here, good phone I like its styling, only downside is MS stopped support for Skype for Windows Phone 7.

  • Stumxen

I luv it it works fine and i can do anything with it i hv had it for 3yrs now and its still unique, still luving it

  • magtewell

I have never used a useless phone like this un my life, even a small android phone performs better than this shit, waste of money...very slow,poor apps on market place, market aah its simply useless, please think and improve your market place look at google play, very updated.....

  • JJ

this is the worst phone i have had. those that want to connect to PCs and get pictures, sync and so on, download Zune software and sync your device to the computer

  • Aadrian

Good phone I like its style. Works well for Bluetooth you need the Bluetooth share app it works for me. Only downside now is 256MB of ram which is low. But it's a low end phone of three years old so I can live with that. Recently sold my Lumia 710 in favor for this one just because of how it looks. Kinda classy.

  • Esper

The phone is good portable and amiable. But i cannot upload antything via PC, no Bluetooth aaaaah!

  • Lindorh22

This phone is not complete, why won't I be able to send and receive data via bluetooth? I can't send pictures, I can't receive them, I can't send music and receive music, why is this phone so complicated? I can't upload anything via computer. It's safe to say this phone is not suitable for use. It's a total miss for me.

  • kalu

whts app gets slow...synch is bad

  • Moestifa

Good things about the phone is:
1. a good microsoft OS
2. playing video's is very nice. Even 720 hd works very nive. Quality is very good
Bad things about this phone is:
1. connection is bad
2. many apps do not work
3. very bad camera
4. battery is fast empthy
5. no micro card

Conclusion for me:
Basic phone, that is good for calling, sms and some simple apps that do not demand to much of battery or from OS.

  • Roarke

Use It only as camera it works good specially autofix

  • Aaron takponare

Nokia lumia 610 is a useless phone, it can send or recieve can't download i hate the phone, thesame tin with 710, i advice not to buy such phone better u buy android instead

  • norm

I can't download zune on my computer to be able to down load my pictures.
This is the stupidest think I ave seen. A major computer firm that can not connect two of its devices withouta pain in the head!!!

  • Norm

I have to use Windows to get my pictures off it. I use Ubuntu, and so the phone is a pain, I have to use my wife's computer to download the pictures, then transfer them to my computer.
I am dealing with a new computer with Windows 7, I tried to download Zune to get the pictures, but the download is stuck on looking for updates.

I will never buy a phone that has a Widows operating system. (My daughter bought this one for me)

  • dante

Its not making sense. I can't send, nor can I receive. For GOD sake, where is the bluetooth on this thing.

  • Erwin

Slow, very slow.

  • bizo

It's not user friendly..downloading watsapp hasn't been easy or rather possible..i have opened an outlook account but still can't download wataap or Facebook.

Very good and cheap smartphone from Nokia.